Soul Bonding: What is it?

by Robert Podolsky


“Soul-Bonding” is based on my 25 years in private practice as a psychotherapist. Soul Bonding encompasses everything I know about how people connect with one another, all the obstacles to such intimacy, the effects of these obstacles, and all the means available to minimize or eliminate the long-term effects of those obstacles. As such, Soul-Bonding may be seen as a snapshot of the current state of our cultural evolution and as a road-map to the future evolution of that evolution.

While the above statement is global and comprehensive, it is also rather abstract, whereas the efforts required to realize the potential benefits of cultural evolution are very personal. It is at this personal level that each of us has the opportunity to enhance the quality of our lives, and that of those around us ? our families, neighborhoods, communities, and regions. I use the word “regions” rather than “cities”, “counties”, “states” and “nations” because, as human culture evolves, these distinctions are likely to become obsolete and irrelevant ? making the words effectively meaningless.

The Mother-Child Bond

The most important interpersonal bond in the life of a human being is the bond between a mother and a child during the first five years of the child’s life. And it is the earliest of these bonds that is the most important in determining how the child’s awareness, character, and attitudes develop. Recently it has been proven that the neurological development of a child’s brain is profoundly affected by the quality of these earliest bonds ? especially those formed during the first few hours outside the womb.

So how are you to know if your early bonding was adequate for your own mental health? What do you remember? Do you remember your birth? If you’re a man, do you recall your circumcision? Can you remember how long you had to wait to be fed when you were hungry as an infant? Was your toilet training pleasant or arduous? Did your parents let you get away with saying “no” to them sometimes when you were a toddler? And how did your parent of the opposite gender respond to your earliest expression of sexual feelings when you were 5 or 6 years old?

Any experience that you can’t remember is an experience that was intensely unpleasant, and your subconscious is protecting you from the memory as if the experience occurred just yesterday ? and the risk of a repetition (though totally unrealistic) has warped your emotional development, thereby interfering with your ability to live a full and satisfying life. Such warpage is, at least partly, recoverable in most cases ? as are the corresponding memories.

Of Lethal Concern

Consider this fact: in every instance of the initiation of violence by a child or an adult, the perpetrator suffered some form of violence as a small child. Absent the childhood trauma, the adult will never initiate violence against another person. The importance of this fact cannot be over-stated. Governments the world over are the beneficiaries of violence done to children ? because in its absence, no one would volunteer to join the military; nor to become a law enforcer. Of course, in the absence of childhood trauma, there would be no plausible justification for the existence of armies and police forces ? or, for that matter, governments. It is for this reason that it behooves us to eliminate the most common childhood traumas from our societal culture.

Where To Start

If we are to eliminate violence we must become better parents. Unfortunately we are not taught as youngsters how to do this. Parenting is arguably the most important and least adequate part of education. And there is a “chicken and egg” phenomenon that interferes. Although good parenting can be learned in adolescence, most people of child-rearing age are ignorant of what is involved. By the time we really start to “get it”, we are more likely to be grandparents than parents. That means we are too late to help our children. Ouch!

Fortunately, with time and effort we can heal most of the wounds of childhood trauma in adults ? and then these adults can educate the younger generation as they enter their child-rearing years. If we can complete this process before our ruling classes destroy us, we’ll have initiated a massive shift for the better in our cultural evolution.

Personal Benefits

Participants in this educational program can expect to realize some or all of the following benefits:

  • Increased access to truth, love and creativity
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • More satisfying relationships
  • A powerful and useful understanding of ethics
  • Greater comfort living in one’s own skin
  • Renewed enthusiasm for life
  • Extreme applicability to organizational development
  • Expanded financial opportunities

How To Start

Creative Consulting Services, Inc. is an educational branch of the Titania HoloMat that is now offering presentations, inexpensive experiential workshops and ongoing training in Soul-Bonding. The curriculum encompasses:

  • Childhood development
  • The types of traumas and their effects,
  • Recognizing traumas,
  • The nature of “healing”,
  • Educational (non-clinical) approaches to healing derived from:

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