Mar 112020

Replacing the State: Our conversation with Bob Podolsky, Creator of the Octologue and author of “Flourish” and “Soul Bonding”

Join Alex and Graeme as we sit down for a stimulating conversation about how we can start replacing government using the organizational structure of the Octologue. Keep an eye out for Bob’s newest book “Soul Bonding” which is an amazing and concise tool for creating harmony in our social world, coming soon!

Check out episode 4 of Adventures In Healing, with Bob Podolsky!

  One Response to “Adventures In Healing, with Bob Podolsky!”

  1. Thank+you+for+posting+this.++I+have+been+following+hoping+to+get+more+involved+in+the+community+for+several+years,+but+have+been+hampered+by+a+series+of+unfortunate+circumstances+which+I+am+now+fully+recovered+from,+primarily+a+serious+chronic+illness+and+a+divorce.++I+was+fortunate+to+meet+JD+Garcia+in+1993+twice.++He+gave+me+a+copy+of+his+book+which+was+revolutionary+for+me.

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