A Proposed Solution to the BIG Problem


A Proposed Solution to the “BIG Problem”

Executive Summary:
Are you “fed up” with the direction our species is headed? Do you recognize the
current risk of self-annihilation we all face – from chemtrails, GMO crops, the Gulf
oil spill, Fukushima radiation, thermonuclear war, biological weapons, conflict with
Russia and China, the “war on terrorism”, the “war on drugs”, the Middle-East oil
and gas wars, and the collapse of the “Petro-dollar”? Are you tired of feeling
helpless to affect positive change in our dysfunctional culture?

Well at long last we know how to solve the BIG PROBLEM that has haunted
mankind since the stone age – namely the fact that most of our societal institutions
make consistently unethical decisions. The solution is truly in hand.
Would you like to be instrumental in realizing that solution? Are you willing to take
an active role in doing so – to invest some time and effort to see our species thrive
and flourish – to finally achieve worldwide peace, prosperity, and freedom? This is
now a doable proposition.

The following pages outline:
• Some core concepts that you must understand in order to recognize the nature
of the BIG PROBLEM, and the fact that we know how to solve it.

• How our culture will be advantageously changed by the solution.

• How you will individually benefit from learning to lead this societal transformation.

• The 11 steps you need to take to get started as a participant.

• The 9 skill sets that will give you a head start as an early adopter of the new paradigm.

• Taking initiative in the HoloMatic Swarm called “THE HOLOMAT”.

Ask yourself, “What would I set out to do, if I knew I couldn’t fail?” As long as
your intentions are honorable, this opportunity will make such a dream your day-to-
day reality.

Core Concepts:
The core concepts addressed in this proposal are described very briefly below. The
links attached to each lead to much more detailed explanations that you are invited
to read for a fuller understanding of the validity of this proposal.

An ethic consists of two parts: a value that describes what one wants more of,
and a belief system that tells one how to achieve more of the desired value.
An ethic is valid if behavior in accordance with the belief system actually
produces more of the desired value.

Most ethics are NOT valid – but a few of them are. Those that are valid hinge
on the values of awareness, love, creativity, and objective truth. Using
creativity as the exemplary value, a valid ethic is attained by defining an
ethical act as an act that increases creativity for at least one person,
including the person acting, without limiting or diminishing creativity for
anyone. The same is true if the values of awareness, love, or objective truth
are substituted for “creativity” in the example above.

“Authority” is a fictional concept invented at least 8,000 years ago to persuade
us that some people are somehow entitled to dictate the lives of others. This blatant lie underpins the notion of government, another fictional construct invented to deceive and manipulate the public. If you don’t believe in the “divine right of kings”, you have no business endorsing or supporting
“government authority” in any form whatever.

A hierarchy is a “pyramid shaped” “top down” organization based on sequential delegation of “authority”, where only the individual at the top of the organization (the king, president, CEO, etc.) doesn’t have a “boss” telling him or her what to do. An essential feature of every hierarchy is the presumed authority of participants to punish those beneath them in the organizational pyramid.

Bureaucracy is properly defined as the systematic elimination, destruction, or avoidance of corrective feedback. Hierarchies rarely avoid becoming highly bureaucratized. With the destruction of corrective feedback, unethical decisions are inevitable.

A cartel is a shared monopoly that exists only to maximize the profits of its members and to maintain its monopoly role in its industry. Typically, cartels contract with governments to enforce the cartel’s rules. Every activity requiring a license or permit is controlled by a cartel. You might find it enlightening to see if you can think of 5 publicly visible activities in which you can engage without having a license and without risking penalties. Can you start a business, drive a car, fish for your dinner, modify your house, practice medicine, cut or braid hair, consume certain plants, or keep the money you earn?

The Octologue
An Octologue is a group of 7 to 9 individuals, optimally 4 men and 4 women, who have agreed to pursue a shared ethical purpose within a culture of unanimous decisions, enhanced interpersonal feedback, and amplified creativity.

The HoloMat
A HoloMat, in its generic sense, is a group of 2 or more Octologues, operating in concert based on an ethical contract for cooperation. “THE HOLOMAT” is a demonstration HoloMat currently forming that is expected to become a worldwide engine of cultural evolution in the next 1 to 3 years.

The Swarm
A Swarm is an unchartered group of individuals who work in spontaneous cooperation toward some shared goal or outcome. Typically, the activity of a Swarm is purely voluntary on the individual level, as it has no ownership, no employees, no hierarchic ranking, and no managers. Swarms do have leaders – who are usually the Swarm’s founders, who define the swarm’s initial purpose, and who provide the members of the swarm with a variety of tools and support services to enhance the Swarm’s effectiveness in achieving its goals.

As stated above, the BIG PROBLEM is that our societal institutions are hierarchic, bureaucratic, and highly prone to making unethical decisions. Big Banks, Organized Religions, and Governments (the B.O.R.G.) are the biggest culprits in this regard. Signs and symptoms of the BIG PROBLEM include war, crime, terrorism, addiction, prohibition, hunger, poverty, race-hatred, dogmatism, police brutality, ignorance, child abuse, and domestic violence, among others. The solution to the BIG PROBLEM, in the long term, is the elimination of hierarchies in favor of HoloMats, wherein no one has “authority” over anyone else, and only ethical purposes are acceptable. Those wishing to exercise power over others (“authority”) tell us that the BIG PROBLEM, defined above, can only be solved by awarding them more “authority”. This is a lie. In reality it is the public belief in “authority” that has created the BIG PROBLEM. In the absence of “authority”, the BIG PROBLEM will become no problem at all – and all its signs and symptoms will evaporate. This is not hyperbole. It is, rather, the direct logical consequence of extensive research and analysis based on 3,500 years of data and performed over a 20 year period by a group of dedicated scientists, led by John David Garcia starting in 1981.

HoloMatic Society
In today’s world, most people work in hierarchies and hate their jobs. As a result, our lives tend to feel meaningless, our choices are limited, and enthusiastic creative participation is quashed. Faced with these circumstances, most people feel alienated from their friends, neighbors, colleagues, peers, families, and communities. These  characteristics are the exact opposite of those experienced working within an

In an Octologue everyone has an equal say in the organization’s decisions and deep trust among members is the rule rather than the exception. More often than not, the members of an Octologue have fun together and learn to function as a personal support group when faced with life’s inevitable challenges. Since most people’s families fail to provide such support, the Octologue experience takes on special significance, and members acquire a deep feeling of belonging. This fact alone makes HoloMatic society a big improvement over today’s hierarchic model. But there’s more – much more.

In a HoloMatic society there can be no taxation, and all financial transactions will be voluntary. This means your effective earnings will be at least double what they are now. Essential services will be privately contracted on a subscription basis and you’ll be able to choose the providers of those services. If you don’t support overseas wars, you won’t put your children’s lives at risk by sending them half way around the world to kill strangers. Nor will bandits with badges continue to dominate our lives in our homes, at work, and especially on the nation’s roads.

In the absence of cartels, governmental meddling in your day-to-day life will be non-existent. Business opportunities will proliferate exponentially and barriers to opportunity will become non-exi stent as the world’s first truly free  market emerges.

Education will change dramatically. Unlike the current system that exists primarily for the benefit of the prospective employer, new systems will spring into existence that place the students’ needs and interests ahead of all else. Curiosity-driven education is a great creativity amplifier – so students of all ages will learn to create new information instead of regurgitating old information. Grade levels, grades, and testing will become relics of a bygone era..

Getting Started in 11 Steps
2. Read “Swarmwise”.
3. Visit the links to be found in this article.
4. Answer the question, “What would you set out to accomplish in your life if you knew you couldn’t fail?” Decide to make your answer your life’s purpose.
5. Pick your level of involvement in THE HOLOMAT:
a) As an interested “Bystander” to be kept informed of THE HOLOMAT’s activities.
b) As a “Supporter”, who will participate from time to time invarious ways – often needing some  guidance to get started and some appreciation to keep going. Donors usually fall into this group.
c) As an “Activist”, who voluntarily assumes responsibility and makes himself accountable for specified outcomes.
d) Or as a “Leader” who is recognized by “activists” for their commitment, wisdom, and integrity. Leaders self-select by taking initiative and their leadership is then ratified by their group.
6. Decide how much time and money you are willing to invest monthly in order to live the life you’ve always wanted.
7. Consider attending a HOLOMAT workshop in Acapulco Mexico.
8. Consider sponsoring such an event in your area.
9. Contact Me Bob Podolsky b-o-r-i-s-h-e-i-r(at)y-a-h-o-o(dot)c-o-m by email with information as to the Octologue purposes that would be appropriate for your participation.
10. Start your own Octologue or join an existing one.
11. Share the HOLOMAT with your friends and contacts.

The Skills We Need Now
The HOLOMAT Swarm has immediate openings for members with the following skill sets:

A/V Producer (AVP)
The person in this position is responsible for recording, editing, and disseminating both audio and video presentations of various kinds. This work will be in coordination with the efforts of personnel in security, events, publicity, and marketing outlined below.

Chief Financial Advisor oversees all activities involving financial transactions and advises the HOLOMAT accordingly• Cryptographer / Digital Security Engineer (CDSE) This position is responsible for seeing that the HOLOMAT’s secrets remain secret, advises all other departments as needed, and implements appropriate technological and procedural measures to assure security of the highest standard.

Educational Consultant (EC)
ECs learn the content of Titanian presentations and workshops, then the technical methods of teaching them, and then teach the lore to others and advise customers as to the application of these methods.

Event Manager / Publicist (EMP)
The Event Manager arranges for ECs to appear in various settings and venues, and schedules and coordinates those appearances with other departments.

Legal Advisor (LA)
The Legal Advisor apprises all HOLOMAT participants of legal matters that potentially affect the organization’s operations – especially the likelihood of government intrusion, assessing risks and suggesting ways to minimize those risks. They also lead the formation of a HoloMatic judiciary, to be totally independent of state judiciaries at all levels.

Chief Online Marketer (COM)
The COM is responsible for all activities directly involved in the sale of goods and services produced or made available by the HOLOMAT. In this effort it is especially important that the COM coordinate particularly well with the Social Network Specialist and the Webmaster.

Social Network Specialist (SNS)
The SNS will establish and maintain the HOLOMAT’s visibility via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social networks deemed viable to promulgate the Titanian ethic.

The Webmaster will spearhead the ongoing efforts to make the HOLOMAT’s websites as effective as possible, implementing updates and upgrades that enhance the appearance, navigation, and traffic optimization of each.

These positions are initially volunteer slots. However, we expect them to become paid positions as the organization and its financial resources continue to grow.

Yes… You can change the world! So get started today…
Bob Podolsky