Oct 212013

SEAL Team 6 Crash was a HIT!

Charlie Strange, the father Michael Strange, one of the 30 Americans SEAL’s, who died Aug. 6, 2011, from a rocket-propelled grenade, asks himself and others he meets: “Was Michael, my son, was set up by someone inside the Afghan government or the US government wanting revenge on American and Afghan warriors who killed Osama bin Laden.

“Somebody was leaking to the Taliban,” said Mr. Strange, whose son intercepted communications as a Navy cryptologist. “They knew. Somebody tipped them off. There were guys in a tower. Guys on the bush line. They were sitting there, waiting. And they sent our guys right into the middle.”

He and other family members wants to know why “the fuck” (my words might even be his too) the BORG “command” sent his son into Tangi Valley toward a “hot landing zone” in a “hello freaking” cargo carrier instead of a special operations helicopter. The MH-47 and the MH-60 Black Hawk, are Hot Rod choppers, which SEAL Team 6 rode to kill bin Laden.  These flown by Night Stalker pilots who are skilled in fast, ground-hugging maneuvers to avoid detection and thus more likely to survive.  Instead the BORG “command” sent this crack group of some of the most highly trained and intelligent fighters into a Hot LZ in a “flying pickle”

Patrick Hamburger, an Army staff sergeant, also perished when the helicopter was transformed into a fireball, yards from where armed Taliban resistance fighters watched from a turret. “When you want to fly them into a valley, when you’ve got hillsides on both sides of it with houses built into sides of the valley, that is an extremely dangerous mission,” said Patrick’s father, Doug Hamburger, “The MH, the new model, they’ve got radar that will pick up an incoming missile or incoming RPG. They’re faster. They’re quicker on attack. They’re more agile. So there was every reason in the world to use the MH that night.”

Sith Douangdara, whose 26-year-old son, John, was a Navy expeditionary specialist who handled warrior dog Bart, said he has lots of unanswered questions. “I want to know why so many U.S. servicemen, especially SEALs, were assembled on one aircraft,” he said. “I want to know why the black box of the helicopter has not been found. I want to know many things.”

Let’s see now, there is a “P-A-R-T-Y” you want me to go to,  where there is going to be people shooting at me.  Normally I would go to such a “P-A-R-T-Y” with a group of MY friends  in a several armored “Hot Rod” helicopters, driven by race car drivers, equipped to easily blast away at anything that moves.  BTW, my friends and I have already gone to other “P-A-R-T-Y’s” where we have “supposedly” killed and deposed of the body of Asama bin Laden in the Ocean,  Now after doing so, we are sent out to another “P-A-R-T-Y”  in a slow lumbering “school bus” helicopter with zero armament, a vehicle not even designed for this mission, so I can easily be blasted out of the sky.  Does this seem a bit fishy to anyone?  Sure does to me.  Ah, but the story gets even BETTER!  Keep reading!

One individual says, “there is nothing to see, move along folks” is Newly PROMOTED Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Colt covered all issues. Gen. Colt, who has since this easily avoidable catastrophe, that ended in the unnecessary tragic deaths of 30 of America’s finest, most well trained, who happened to be guys, who supposedly killed Bin Laden.  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!  HELLO! WAKE UP!

Normally in the “real world” when you make mistakes you are FIRED, however when you work for the BORG and make monumental FUCK UP you get PROMOTED!  This sounds like JFK or 9/11 coverup to you?  WAKE UP! Since the debacle, Colt has been promoted to Major General, he simply mentioned to commanders that his job was not to find fault and his report did not criticize any person or decision.  That’s how I work, I tell my customers what to do and they tell me get lost.  How does this Major General now tell his bosses what his job is.  Kinda like the pot, calling the kettle white.

SEALS supposedly AVENGED

Even with this mind expanding proportion of FUBARS (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition) actions by the BORG “command” the shooter who was somehow “located” utilizing the most advanced spy planes and intercepts to locate the Taliban fighter who fired the rocket-propelled grenade that knocked down the CH-47 Aug. 6, killing all aboard.

“We were able to track his movement out of the Tangi Valley up over into Wardak [province] further over. And that’s what ultimately led to his destruction there,” a briefer told Army Brig. Gen. JeffreyColt during his JFK like Warren Commission / 9/11 post-crash investigation.

How they got their man is buried among hundreds of pages of documents released by U.S. Central Command and reviewed by Washington Times reporter Rowan Scarborough who then wrote his watered down story.

Hours after the shoot-down, the military heard a Taliban commander talking about moving the fighter who fired the RPG from Afghanistan to Pakistan. There, he would be unveiled as part of Taliban propaganda.

Intelligence located the fighter’s vehicle and followed its route until higher-ups gave approval to assassinate him.

He was often too close to civilian areas. But he finally stopped at a compound, a break for trackers that led to the dropping of an extraordinary amount of ordnance to kill one man.

“The individuals got out, moved out into an orchard area, settled into, kind of, a tree line, vegetated area, and we executed kinetic strikes with both F-16s,” the briefer said.

“I think we dropped eight 500-pounders, (that’s 2 tons folks) and then we also had Air Weapons Team – four or eight 500-pounders(1 ton – 2 tons more) and then 30 millimeter from the Air Weapons Team [AH-64 Apaches] as well. And then we got positive reflections after that we had killed the shooter and then the guy close to him … . We are absolutely confident that we killed the actual shooter, based off everything we’ve seen.”

Well this stupid “briefer” (what’s that a code word for? fabricator? ) may be correct about someone being killed however the idea that this guy was tracked by satellite and then killed by dropping 3-4 tons of bombs on his ass is a bit farfetched even for me.  This guy was DEAD, as soon as he got paid by someone, to do this job.  I bet 4 tones of bombs would level a city block…to the ground.  Oh and 30 millimeter gunfire…that stops a tank.

The briefer also revealed that a “source” –  obliviously a spy – was able to attend the funeral. Here is a recount:

“So we did have the source take photos of both the commander that was responsible and the shooter,” the briefer told Gen. Colt. Beaming as he said with Glee. “So the source went in there, had great access, was able to take photos at the funeral.” It was really important that we drop 4 tons of bombs on this guy’s head, instead of CAPTURING him and waterboarding a confession out of him.  You know I’m not in favor of torture however in this case, I wouldn’t mind, because I would be willing to bet even money that there would be many things pointing back to Major Gen. Colt and possibly other high level BORG operatives.  If this doesn’t stink to high heaven I don’t know what does.  You might want to help me cover my ass by posting this as many places as you can.

So the “Command” sends our bravest and finest into harms way in the least likely and most sub-optimal equipment, leading to their Deaths, then no stone is unturned to kill the guy who “supposedly” did it with a massive amount of bombs and then they atttend the guys funeral.  Why the Fuck, pardon my french please I am adding it for effect. Why the Fuck wasn’t he brought into find out where the leak was?  Can this be any more clear!!

A spokesman for U.S. Central Command, which oversees (‘overseas’ in original Rowan Scarborough how was this detail missed?  Seems like a proof reader would catch unless there was a dealine to get this story out, this is the Washington Times) the war (uh it’s NOT a WAR as only congress can declare WAR. and conducted the probe, declined to answer the families’ questions and referred a reporter to Gen. Colt’s report.

Finally Congress gets involved

After more than two years The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, led by Rep. Darrell E. Issa, California Republican, is finally making inquiries after meeting with some deceased SEAL members families.

Larry Klayman, who runs the nonprofit watchdog group Freedom Watch, has filed suit in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against the Pentagon, as well as the Air Force, Army and Navy. He wants a judge to order the military to turn over an array of documents under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. He said the Defense Department stonewalled his written requests, so Freedom Watch went to court last month and succeeded in forcing the government to turn over records.  We have to FORCE the public servants to give us information for this highly suspect criminal escapade?  Am I insane?

Mr. Klayman has generously allowed The Washington Times to view the military’s investigative files turned over to family members two years ago.

“The families of our fallen heroes, who I am proud to represent, need closure to this tragedy,” Mr. Klayman said. “There are many unanswered questions and the military’s explanations of the causes of the crash do not add up.”

He also wants to know the identities of Afghan soldiers aboard, and why the aircraft’s black box, washed away in a fierce rainstorm, was never found — even though it has a homing device.

Even some military personnel involved that night questioned the operations afterward. The navigator aboard the AC-130 gunship that loitered for three hours over Tangi Valley expressed in 2011 what the families are thinking today.

“One of the other things that we did talk about — kind of what you’re hitting on, sir, is about the fact that, you know, for three hours we had been burning holes in the sky,” the officer told Gen. Colt’s team. “You’ve got [Apaches] flying around, so there’s a lot of noise going on and, basically, this entire valley knows that there’s something happening in this area. So, to do an infil (opposite of exfil where you extract people out of a hot area) on the X or Y, you know, having that element of surprise in the beginning of an operation is good, but by the time we’ve been there for three hours, and the party’s up, bringing in another aircraft like that, you know, may not be the most tactically sound decision.”

The suicide / homicide “Mission”

After Gen. Colt’s report became public in September 2011, the military arranged for him to brief next of kin Oct. 12 in Little Creek, Va., home to Naval Special Warfare Development Group, popularly called SEAL Team 6. The crash took the lives of 17  SEAL’s and five special warfare development group operators, making it the worst one-day loss in the history of U.S. naval special operations.

The chopper’s manifest included five Army soldiers, three Air Force airmen, seven Afghan soldiers and one Afghan interpreter. All 38 died. Twenty-two of them, such as Petty Officer Strange, were thrown from the aircraft. The rest died inside the fireball.

The military morgue at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware reported that all succumbed within seconds. Gen. Colt said they were “most likely rapid fatalities.”

President Obama went to Dover to receive the fallen and console the families.

“Your son changed America,” Mr. Strange said the president told him. “I grabbed the president by the shoulders and said, ‘I don’t need to know about my son. I need to know what happened.” Of course we because the government acts like the Mafia and doesn’t like to talk, nothing happens except a watered down version of this Greek tragedy.

The watered down “military probe”

According to the Washington Times and Gen. Colt had the right experience to lead the probe: He is a decorated Iraq and Afghanistan veteran and career helicopter pilot, including time in the storied 160th Special Operations Regiment. He is now deputy commander of Fort Bragg, N.C.

For the families on Oct. 12, he went over his main conclusions, then his staff handed out DVDs.

But the questions the next of kin have today did not materialize until they began poring over 1,300 pages of maps, charts, briefings and interview transcripts of task force commanders and planners connected to the incident.  This is typically how information is hidden in 1300 pages of information.  I know this is what I used to do when I was a Fleet Manager at the Car Lot.  The customer wants the invoice price for a car.  I would send them a 15 page report.  It’s in there you just gotta look for it.

Time to start Digging!  Roll the Bones!

May 082013

Noam Chomsky CPE Acceptance Speech

Noam Chomsky’s acceptance speech upon receiving the inaugural People Before Profits Award from the Center for Popular Economics on September 27, 2012. He discusses the dysfunctional election and media systems that contribute to the maintenance of a closed and rigged government advancing the agendas of corporations and the wealthy.

Apr 082013

Murdering Police officer Shawn Wilson Back on the Job!

by Morpheus

Billy FoustPAGE — Murdering Page Police Officer Shawn Wilson is now back on the job, brutalizing the residents of the town of Page, Arizona.  Officer Wilson got off Scot free for the MURDER of bonded sovereign, William Dale Foust. Foust was a business owner and was the Chief Justice for the Republic for Arizona. Billy as he was known as an inspirational speaker who was standing up to the corporate De Facto government.  The De Facto Corporation known as the Coconino County Sheriff’s department determined Officer Wilson was justified in using deadly force when he shot and Murdered Page business owner William Foust on Fathers Day, June 19 2011, outside Foust’s B&T Marine.  Did anyone actually believe that this would not be the result of the investigation?

We are told Wilson, fired twice on Foust, after Foust backed up his truck and the Officer Wilson positioned him

self, in such a way to appear as if Foust was backing into him.

Page Police Chief Charlie Dennis said Monday “This County Attorney’s decision is good news for the Page Police Department and Officer Wilson as we have awaited the findings on the case. I believe it was important to have an outside, independent investigation into this incident to show transparency of the events that occurred that day.”  This is great news for the Police Chief, Officer Wilson and other tyrannical police officers around the country knowing once again the system exists so they can steal people’s property for the state, torture and murder people and get away with it.

Instead of having a trial for MURDER, such as what would happen in the event any other person who shot someone else.  Police officers, who shoot and killed someone, this incident is done by “police investigation”.  With such an “investigation”,  questions of whether the officer had a right to even question Foust, detain Foust or was the officer was trespassing on Foust’s property, are never even asked.  Conveniently for the government and their stooge Wilson, the Government declares it had the “Right” to execute someone.  Case closed.  Don’t like it? To freaking bad.  Get back to work…SLAVE!

The De Facto Government Corporation had much evidence however one piece that was missing curiously is a toxicology report on Officer Wilson.

Officer Wilson’s account is that Foust had backed his vehicle abruptly in Wilson’s direction; most rational people would get out of the way.  Foust was not under arrest when Wilson was approaching.  Foust was not interested in communicating with the Officer and when Foust decided to leave, the Officer actions indicate it would be better to teach Foust a lesson about respecting the Police.

To teach Foust a lesson, Officer Wilson discharged two probes from the Taser at Foust during the scuffle but both missed the mark.  Then the office lost control of his torture device (taser), now frightened he decided to Murder Foust.

As Foust charged Wilson with an outstretched arm, the officer stepped back and discharged his .40-caliber Glock duty weapon, the report said. The first of the two shots struck Foust in the lower left chest. The second shot struck Foust in the right forehead. The autopsy report indicated that Foust died of multiple gunshot wounds and that the manner was homicide, or non-accidental and caused by another person.

The report also showed no drugs or alcohol in Foust’s system. The news report doesn’t say anything about toxicology for the officer.

Foust had gained some notoriety by filing his paperwork that was on file with the county recorder, where he had separated his real man from his STRAWMAN.  He used this information to respond to a traffic case in adjacent Kane County, Utah.  He acknowledged the corporate status of the Kane County, so the judge sentenced him to 5 days in jail for a technical foul.

Foust also was well-known in the community of Page and online.

Mar 192013

Church Harriman Nixon Hunt Ruby Connection

Bureaucracy Defined

The Bureaucracy is defined as the systematic elimination, destruction, or avoidance of corrective feedback.   The entire Kennedy Assassination and follow-up whitewashing, known as the “Warren Report” of the incident reeks of bureaucracy.   This is how the BORG functions: if we wanted your opinion we would be giving it to you.  Historian Steven Alvis goes over the other side of the story.

Mysterious Deaths of Witnesses

Almost 200 witnesses linked to the assassination have met with violent or mysterious deaths— some by gunfire, some in car accidents, some by apparent suicide, one from a cut throat and another by a karate chop to the neck, and lesser numbers from more “natural” causes.

Frank Church Averell Harriman Connection

At midday, November 22, 1963, immediately after hearing of the murder from Senator Frank Church, Averell Harriman went on to a meeting with other top oil executives where they discussed how to manipulate the new president being sworn in on Air Force One while flying back to Washington with Kennedy’s corpse. Lyndon Johnson confided to one of his aides in 1967 that “he was now convinced that there was a plot in connection with the assassination.” Further, LBJ suspected that the CIA had “something to do with this plot.

In 1978, when CIA spy E. Howard Hunt (one of the Nixon Watergate “plumbers”) sued Liberty Lobby for $650,000 for defamation in a Florida court, he lost his case. He sued because their Populist newspaper Spotlight had reported he was in Dallas the night before Kennedy’s killing to pay off a CIA-backed assassination team. Reportedly, Hunt huddled with Jack Ruby in Dallas the night before the assassination to supply him with a gun and money. During the Watergate scandal, Nixon was recorded saying, to H. R. Haldeman, “This fellow Hunt, he knows too damn much (Weiner, Tim, ‘E. Howard Hunt, Agent Who Organized Botched Watergate Break-In, Dies at 88,’ New York Times, January 24, 2007).” The dying Hunt disclosed to his son, Saint John Hunt, that he and others were involved in the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy, an operation codenamed, “the Big Event”

More interesting is CIA agent Marita Lorenz’s testimony in Hunt vs. Liberty Lobby, that the CIA directly participated in planning and executing President Kennedy’s assassination, an admission that the media present chose not to mention in their trial coverage. According to Lorenz, she rode from Miami to Dallas with two carloads of armed assassins. She named each of them while under oath, and quoted their proud leader as saying, that they pulled off “the really big one. . . we killed the president.”

Richard Nixon – Jack Ruby Connection

Richard Nixon, Kennedy’s vindictive opponent in the previous election and one who ultimately replaced him, had long-time personal ties to Oswald’s hitman, Jack Ruby. A 1947 FBI memo says: “Nixon intervened on behalf of a Chicago gangster who was about to be called as a witness before a congressional committee . . . It is my sworn statement that one Jack Rubenstein of Chicago, noted as a potential witness for hearings of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, is performing information functions for the staff of Congressman Richard Nixon, Republican of California. It is requested Rubenstein not be called for open testimony in the aforementioned hearings . . . That same year, Rubenstein moved to Dallas, Texas, and changed his name to Jack Ruby (cited in Called to Serve, p.534).”

The jailed Jack Ruby’s last words to the uninterested party of Chief Justice Earl Warren, Representative Gerald Ford (a Bilderberger while yet in Congress and President after Nixon), and Leon Jaworski (later Watergate’s special prosecutor), are especially telling: “Gentlemen, unless you get me to Washington, you can’t get a fair shake out of me . . . My life is in danger here. Well, you won’t ever see me again . . . A whole new form of government is going to take over the country, and I know I won’t live to see you another time . . . I want to tell the truth and I can’t tell it here.”

The “investigators” left for lunch and never returned. He died shortly after of cancer in prison, never having testified publicly. Where they were when they heard about the Kennedy assassination — except one man — Richard Milhous Nixon. He was in Dallas that very day with the very CIA men involved, but afterwards forgot where he was.

Steven Alvis John Kennedy Averell Harriman Connection

Mar 062013

The Kennedy Assassination – Harriman connection

Bureaucracy Defined

The Bureaucracy is defined as the systematic elimination, destruction, or avoidance of corrective feedback.   The entire Kennedy Assassination and follow-up whitewashing, known as the “Warren Report” of the incident reeks of bureaucracy.   This is how the BORG functions: if we wanted your opinion we would be giving it to you.  Historian Steven Alvis goes over the other side of the story.

National Who-dun-it

Assassination of President John F Kennedy, Our National “Who-dun-it?”. Historian Stephen Alvis explains the relationships of many of the players involved in the Coup d’état in the united States on November 22 1963.   The New York Establishment led by Averell Harriman, coordinates with the CIA Assassins to take out President Kennedy as he not in control by his handlers.

Historian & CFR member, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., in his book on the Kennedy presidency, A Thousand Days, wrote that Kennedy had no part in the “New York establishment.”

One of the movers in the “New York establishment” was Averell Harriman (administrator of Lend- Lease, ambassador to Soviet Union, Truman’s Secretary of Commerce, Governor of New York, negotiator of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, Vietnam peace chief negotiator, & founder of the magazine that became Newsweek).  One of Averell Harriman’s businesses was Brown Bros. Harriman & Co., one of the country’s leading private banking institutions. Its younger partners included Prescott Bush, father of President George H.W. Bush and grandfather to George W. Bush, had ties to Adolf Hitler. Both Harriman and Bush had assets seized as a result of trading with the NAZI’s.

Averell Harriman (1891-1986) was the son of Union Pacific railroad robber baron and shipping magnate E. H. Harriman. Born to riches, young Averell attended Yale University where he was initiated into the infamous Skull & Bones secret society. In the 1920′s, Harriman and Bones buddy Robert Lehman organized Pan American Airlines. By 1932, Harriman sat on the boards of 54 corporations, including Mobil Oil.

Who Killed the President?  Harriman dictated policy in both the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. Known in his later years as the “Old Crocodile,” Harriman bullied his way even in the White House. In the Kennedy admin, Averell Harriman was made undersecretary of state for political affairs.  The big issue in mid-1963 was Vietnam. “Consensus reigned in the East Coast ‘Establishment.’ . . . in late August 1963, as the United States i.e.: Harriman moved to oust the South Vietnamese leader Diem it had backed for the past nine years . . . American officials i.e.: Harriman always opposed to an early settlement and possessing an agreement with London to work to prevent one, had seen no reason to feel particularly fearful of the prospect Choosing War: The Lost Chance for Peace and the Escalation of War in Vietnam, , p.42.”

The East Coast ‘Establishment’ was in agreement with “London” about pursuing war in Vietnam, and therefore senior officials at the White House had no fear to proceed with overthrowing the elected government of our ally, South Vietnam. Without presidential approval and behind Kennedy’s back while he was vacationing at Hyannis Port, Harriman and his cronies cabled Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., the American ambassador in Saigon, to green light South Vietnamese officers to launch a coup to overthrow President Diem of South Vietnam (Cable 243).

John Kennedy was outraged, and in the ensuing Executive Branch furor over the August 24 cable, Attorney General Robert Kennedy blamed Harriman for this “major mistake,” realizing that “the government was broken in two in a very disturbing way (Robert F. Kennedy, In His Own Words, p.397).”

The power-behind-the-throne who ordained one assassination ordained the other. Besides offending Harriman, John F. Kennedy had signed his own death warrant by defying the shadow government in four fatal objectives:

1. Offending the Fed — He authorized the printing of $450 billion in non-debt “United States Notes”, a move to dismantle the Federal Reserve System (Executive Order 11,110—1963).

2. Offending Big Oil — He moved to rescind the special tax privileges of the oil industry.

3. Offending War Industrialists — He vowed the removal of all 12,000 U.S. servicemen (advisors) from Vietnam by the end of 1965, a heavy blow to the military-industrial complex and  the helicopter division of Bell- Textron, Inc., which sold over 5,000 copters for the war; Bell-Textron’s R&D director was Nazi war criminal General Walter Dornberger.

4. Offending the CIA — He fired Allen Dulles (CFR) from his post as director of the CIA, and determined in October 1963 to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds”. These wise decisions made Kennedy “a national security threat.”

November 22, 1963,  Witnesses heard a shot and saw a puff of smoke coming from a fence on the grassy knoll, where police and others converged immediately after, as shown on photos and film. A large-caliber bullet slug was found opposite the knoll on the far side of Elm St., surrounded by bits of apparent brain tissue. Shots were coming from various directions. No need exists for Arlen Specter’s “Magic Bullet” as hypothesized in the Warren Report.  The “policeman” behind the fence on the grassy knoll has been identified as Roscoe White, a contract killer for the CIA through U.S. Naval Intelligence, code name MANDARIN. White had previously executed 10 foreign officials for the “company,” and had worked with Oswald at the CIA’s U- 2 control station at Atsugi AFB in Japan. White’s wife had worked for Jack Ruby.

White apparently killed Officer J.D. Tippett to initiate an “All Points/Shoot on Sight” alert against the patsy Oswald. Dallas Police Officer J. D. Tippit (1924–1963).

A message cable in the deceased White’s effects instruct him to “eliminate a national security threat to world peace. Destination will be Houston, Austin, Dallas. . . . C. Bowers. RE Rifle.” A follow-up cable, dated September 1963, says: “Dallas destination chosen. Your place is hidden within the [police] department.”

Historian Steven Alvis: The Kennedy Assassination and the Church Harriman Nixon Hunt Ruby Connection