Nov 112013

Tesla Morpheus Neo C - Note USS Arizona

I am fund raising for Adam Kokesh to be present to at the dedication for the memorial of the guns for the USS Arizona and Missouri. This is an awesome opportunity to get out and be with the peeps, as I might say.  There is an expected crowd of 6,000 – 7,000 and a good opportunity to mingle and talk to people who are at least awake enough to come to the dedication.  IMSHO a crowd that would be open to hearing some information that our hero, and he is in my eyes a effing hero, Adam Kokesh to talk to the crowd.  We can get him there I will do everything I can to get him on the stage.  Remember 90% of success is just showing up.  That is what Adam did: He stood up, I am standing up, you can stand up!  Reach into your wallet and help me get him here to Phoenix, Arizona December 7, 2013 starts at 9:15  Lets all hang out at the dedication at 4:20 too

The guns were discovered in a boneyard and thru the secretary of state Ken bennett was able to orchestrate the display With Out the use of public funds

The assistant to the secretary of state told me in an interview they are expecting 6000 – 7000 people in attendance! Most importantly the whole exhibit was paid for with donations from our business Community.  There were no public funds used in the creation of this USS Arizona and USS Missouri monument.

Adam was featured on the radio show Coast to Coast, which has 500 stations on November 10 2013. The interviewer was John B. Wells who gave Neo a great soapbox to talk about his  act of civil disobedience,  on July 4, 2013 Neo racking a 12 gauge shotgun in “Freedom Plaza” with the United States capital in the background.  His home was then “Raided”.  This is one of the government uses to lessen the blow of the criminal acts they engage in.  “Raided” in this case means watching your home and everything in in gets ripped apart in front of your very eyes while you and your housemates and girlfriend are made to watch your RAPE of your property! Then you get “thrown in Jail” most people out there have no idea what this is like.  First off all your pretend friends make off with all your stuff.  Then you lose everything else unless your good friends and family help you out. Now your in Solitary.  Most of you will never know the torture of this.  Now some how they let him out.  hes still facing 2.5 years or something.  I believe the justice department just wants  him to go away.   Some compare him to a modern day Jesus Christ!

I am committing myself to getting Adam Kokesh to Arizona for the dedication of the USS Arizona and USS Missouri Guns on Dec 7 2013 at 9:15 am at the Westley Bolin Plaza to the east of the Arizona Capitol on Washington street and 17th Avenue  making this happen If you’re down to make this happen please consider a donation of any amount.

In the event that the government denies him travel,  and the case could be made that he needs to travel because he is a investigative Journalist.  I have a very strong backup, we raise enough Frn$ I will get them both, promise you like who I have in mind!

Morpheus Frn$20

Mercury Frn$50

Tesla Frn$100 Paid brand new C note!Tesla Frn$100 Paid brand new C note!

Clyde Cleveland Frn$50

Angel Frn$10

General Patton Frn$5

The Gov Frn$20

Leo Frn$20

Jordan Page Frn$20

Andrea and John Smith Frn$10

Alex Frn$5 paid!

Matt Papke $100 Paid C-note         Total package Matt Papke Tempe city council mayor Morpheus Neo C - Note USS Arizona

Rob Robson Frn$ 10

Pledged Frn$ 330 Paid Frn$205


Frn$2175 to go! R oll the Bones

Put yourself on the list and I will get money from you or send to:

1146 North Mesa Drive #102-159 Mesa Arizona 85201 Atten: Adam kokesh project Or bitcoin 1NLQVw9bLmDYohbfK8nL1fRg5DvDvb6wvL

Send message to m-o-r-p-h-e-u-s@t-i-t-a-n-i-a-n-s-dor-org Donate and I will give you creds here!  Freedom isn’t Free!

Mar 082013

The Hour Long Train Wreck otherwise known at the CBS Presidential Debate.

By Morpheus Titania and Bob Podolsky

In the United States of America every four years there is a pageant that occurs in American politics known as the “Presidential Election” used by B.O.R.G. agents to CON-vince the “Plundered Class of Slaves” they are somehow “Free” and using a process called “voting” which converts this supposed “Freedom” into a measurement for which new ruler who is going to represent your interests and in some way improve the standard of living for the greatest number of slaves.

The Mind Expanding CON

To attain this incredibly high level of brainwashing, B.O.R.G.  agents of the (G for) Government work in league with the supposedly “unbiased” and non-connected agency known as the “The News” with the (B for Business) “CBS”, to perform this incredibly mind expanding CON.  Being aware of this programming effort, I have been avoiding watching any of these supposed “debates” and prefer watching the highlights instead.  However on Saturday, 11/12/ 2011, a group of my friends got together to watch this spectacle so I thought it was worth my while to hang out and watch what I now call “The Hour Long Train Wreck” which was broadcast as the “CBS Presidential debate”.
First of all, we have to be aware that this spectacle resembles in no way a debate between the parties that are vying for the office of president.   A debate is an event where opposing viewpoints are actually discussed.  This “Train Wreck” is nothing more than a conversation between two parties on the same side.  There is the Media, which is controlled by Big Government forces and the Forces of more Big Government!  This charade is like a psychopath arguing with himself about which college girl he wants to rape and dismember!   All the parties save one on the stage were in favor of more government, more wars, and more taxes and by default less Freedom.  I don’t even need to mention the only candidate on the stage who was for more Freedom was Ron Paul, whom the BORG agents conveniently allowed to received a paltry 89 seconds of “air time” whereas thirty six HUNDRED other seconds was consumed primarily by the self anointed (B for Business) “Moderators” and the  (G for Government) “Ruler” hopefuls. I didn’t waste my time to actually run a timer to see how much time the “Media” gave themselves however we could approximate:  8 candidates, with 2 receiving virtually no questions, so 6 candidates plus the moderators who appointed themselves to speak between each question works out to 3,600 divided by 6 equals 600 seconds, that would give each candidate 10 – 60 second questions each, but that doesn’t take into consideration “Media talk time”.   The “Media” granted themselves more than 50% of the appearances plus interruptions, as every other person who spoke was the Republican media apologist Frank Luntz or his co-host.   Wouldn’t it be simpler to “elect” the media as our supposed “representative” and save all the time, expense and bother to consider any real solutions?

B-Business and G-Government Agents

The entire broadcast “debate” was 3,600 seconds.  Being “Conservative” the media talk time was less than half the total at 1,800 seconds.  Generally their B-Business agents “questions” were not as long as the G-Government agents “answers”.  Even were the “Media talk time” at approximately 30 percent and 1,000 seconds, they still had more than half the appearances and had total control over who would get what question when.  They also granted themselves unlimited interruptions.  Out of 3 questions to Ron Paul he was interrupted on 2 of them!  Even were the time distributed equally among the rest of the G-Government agents, they were unable to even do that correctly, as evidenced by Ron Paul receiving a measly 89 seconds working out to 2.5% of the total time! Taking the 3,600 seconds minus the media time of 1,000 seconds, leaves 2,600 seconds left and distributed evenly amongst the other 6 would only give each candidate 433 seconds each.  What kind of reasonable person would even consider this a “Debate”?  This is no different than regular television programming where the show “content” is simply there to fill time between commercials. This led me to think of several options that would actually lead to more discussion about the actual issues and coming up with solutions to the problems the government creates in the first place.  The simplest of course would be to ask every candidate the same question.  Other more elaborate ones might include having each candidate rotate being the moderator and have that person perform the question asking.  The candidate asking the questions could use the time however he saw fit, firing questions at one candidate or all of them.  The media’s sole job in this scenario would be to make sure each candidate would have equal time as the question asker.  A final possibility would be to run the debate like a reality show: have the Main Stream media moderator declare a general subject and have the candidate talk about what he would do in this area.  Then at the end of the round there would be a vote on line and or with a text and there would be a tabulation of the scores with nearly instantaneous results viewable as the show is progressing.

The B.O.R.G. is the Parasite 

All the above mentioned possibilities which  would foster the creation of actual solutions and prevent the (B for Business) “Main Stream Media” from hijacking the debates as they have CONSISTENTLY done for years.  There is a maxim by of New York City “Boss” William M. Tweed, who by the way was one of THE most corrupt politicians in the United States history that goes,  “I do not care who does the electing as long as I get to decide who runs.”
Mar 062013

Who is Morpheus

Wow, what a long strange Trip it’s been!  Many of my friends know me as Morpheus. You know “The Bringer of the Dream“.  I use this handle, tongue in cheek, as a way to explain the co-incidences of my experience, living in this kind of science fiction movie. When you find yourself in a movie you have to get a stage name, So Morpheus it is!

After the events of 9/11 i came to the realization that the government is a criminal organization, and therefore I had to quit feeding it. I have chosen to live outside the Matrix, so I have to hustle for my daily bread.  The more I move into the future the more I am moving to a Agorist Lifestyle.  I like to work and provide value to those I encounter.  I have sold cars, home improvement, advertising, home security, windshields, solar power.  Now I mostly sell Bitcoin. The main reasons being I don’t need a license, bank or permit to do it.  All I need is a phone and that’s it.  Since February 2014 I haven’t had a job and I live on what I make selling Bitcoin.  I like being semi-retired. No one tells me what to do how to do it when and where to do it, what clothes I can where and when I can use the bathroom!  I’m not rich however being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it has incredibly high value for me.

On 2001/09/11, I was running a direct mail company called “The Direct Hit” with my x-wife Keele.   In the year 2000, just outta the chute the company did Frn$300,000. Month before 9/11 we did a quarter million bucks in sales and the month before that over a quarter million as well.  We had 9 people banging on the phones and we were rocking, it was crazy.  Here’s where I thought the x-con makes it big.  He does, just “Not Today!” as Buzz Lightyear would say. Well the universe had other plans for me.  9/11 hit and that stopped us cold.  Then we had the Anthrax in the mail.  September all the contracts we had called and canceled.  Did 5 Grand in September.  I was looking like I was cold cocked in the face.

After all the sales and support people left or we let them go, Keele got this DVD called “911: In Plane Site” by Dave vonKliest It was the first video I saw on the inconsistencies of 9/11.   I spent the next few months on the computer researching it all I became aware my own government at least covered up the facts behind 9/11 and quite possibly manufactured the incident for the excuse to go to war.  That was our oil under their sand and by golly they were gonna get it! As I was to learn soon, this is the nature of Hierarchies.

I couldn’t get myself figure out what was the next best direction to go.  Keele was pregnant with my son.  We were having house built in Anthem, Arizona.  We were bleeding money.  We moved the business to working in our dream house, it just wasn’t the same.  I went into a tailspin.  Keele got an offer to work in Florida of a competitor.  We sold the house, filed bankruptcy and the IRS had my ass in a sling.

As a result of going to Florida, I met Robert (Bob) Podolsky at a Libertarian meeting near West Palm Beach.   I knew right away Bob had some of the answers I was looking for.   Bob started talking about Creativity and Ethics and how they were linked.   He shared with me that hierarchies create the problems so they can justify their existence.  Being sort of a Libertarian, even though I have the privilege of never voting, I knew that the Government was bad, almost Evil.  The Federal Reserve was Evil, and being a recovering Roman Catholic, I knew Organized Religion was a snow job.

Bob let me know these entities were not separate, they were just parts of the same Organization, a cartel really.  To be more precise they are parasites operating as part of the Power Brokerage Cartel we call as the B.O.R.G.  The B.O.R.G. is an acronym coined by Bob, which stands for Banks and Big Business, Organized Religion, and Government.  These are the institutions that most people think of to SOLVE problems, Actually they create the problems first and then they Manage these created problems, for a small fee of course!  Many of the concepts Bob was explaining to me made more sense than anything else I had ever heard, especially since Bob had a solution to the Hierarchical problems

The trouble with these BORG’s  created problems is they have to continue to grow, and the small fee gets larger.  When some upstart decides they do not like being part of a social contract they have never volunteered into and can never get out of, the government attack them..  They get tired of being a SLAVE, those people who get the B.O.R.G. mad at them, generally will have their lives destroyed, end up in prison, or Dead.   Remember the American President who attempted to get out of Vietnam and go around the Federal reserve and print silver certificates, his initials were JFK.  Those that hold power when, who when they cross the B.O.R.G. will have war waged on them or be cut off (embargoed) for not participating in their game.

After understanding what the source of ALL the problems in the world were caused by this hierarchical group of Psychopaths known as the BORG, Bob also let me know that there is actually a solution to the BIG PROBLEM. To correct this imbalance, individuals are needed to create competing, non hierarchical groups know as Octologues, which is a group that work unanimously to direct energy in any ethical way they see what they fit.  Its simple really: in an octologue members must agree or the group can not make a decision.  The simple beauty here is the system actually encourages feedback.  In a typical hierarchical construct that most of us live in it boils down to this: If we wanted your opinion we would be giving it to you.  The surveys are simply there to understand how well the information is being accepted and how much more marketing needs to be done for whatever threshold is needed for WHATEVER they are selling.   These Pyramid  structures are created specifically to avoid, eliminate and destroy any feedback and  ere as the non hierarchical Octologue feedback is fostered and encouraged.

From here, it is part of my Destiny to bring Titania to the world.  A Gaiawyrd.  I have every reason to believe it is the solution to humanity’s BIG PROBLEM.  Unless it is implemented, NOW, the great science experiment known as the Human race will end. Period!