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Dear friend:
I don’t often have occasion to call your attention to an event that I believe to be of historic importance – but this is one of those times. The skill-set demonstrated by the interviewer in this short video is almost unprecedented. If widely known it could represent a major turning point in our species cultural evolution. For this reason I’m urging you to read the introduction, watch the short video, and respond accordingly. If you agree the verbal technology is valuable, I’m confident you’ll know what to do.

May 222019



I am a scientist, raised in a family of scientists. My father, Boris, was a famous scientist, and I have three cousins who are scientists. Due to my father’s prominence in the field of physics, I got to spend a fair amount of time in the presence of other experienced and accomplished scientists. So I think I have some knowledge about science, as well as its uses and limitations.

In recent years I’ve become increasingly convinced that the American population is being deliberately deceived about the very nature of science and have decried the logical consequences of that deceit. It’s as though the educational system has been persuaded to withhold from the student body the most vital information that people need if they are to make any sense of the world around them. Critical thinking is under attack. Logic and reason are out the window. And some of the most bizarre concepts are gaining popularity – concepts that, when embraced, cause the average mind to become incapable of simple reason. I regard this as very unfortunate for those caught up in it, and it is my hope to restore some scientific sanity in the course of writing this article.

Historical Perspective

The world of scientists has a distinct culture which gradually changes as new true information comes to light and new technical words are added to science vocabularies. In spite of these changes, some of the basic language of science has become a permanent feature of our culture because thousands of scientists in interrelated fields find that language to be consistently useful. That basic language embodies a number of powerful definitions and conceptual tools without which our analytic process would cease to be science. And it is the logical and mathematical consistency of that set of conceptual tools that is currently under attack.

The fundamentals of science are very simple. Understanding them requires no math whatever. If you can enjoy reading a novel you can understand the foundations of science. Here they are, numbered for future reference.

1. Truth and Falsehood

The methodology we call “science” has but one purpose – to distinguish true information from false information. Many other purposes have been attributed to science, and it does support other purposes; but in and of itself, its sole purpose is just to divide information into two categories – True and False.

In order to understand how science accomplishes this feat, it is necessary to define another concept: Intelligence. There are two logically equivalent ways of doing this.

A. Intelligence is the ability to predict and control events in the discernible universe.

B. Intelligence is the ability to initiate and maintain causal relationships between events in the discernible universe.

With intelligence so defined, we can now define the terms “true information” and “false information.”

True information is that which, when believed to be true, increases the intelligence of the believer – and which, when believed to be false diminishes the intelligence of the believer.

False information has the opposite effect. When believed to be true it diminishes the intelligence of the believer and when believed to be false increases said intelligence.

The usual way of determining the truth of a statement is by means of experiment, though statements that are internally inconsistent are deemed false without resort to experimentation. So, for example, the statement, “2+2=4 AND 2+2=5” would be considered false without experimental testing.

2. Methodology

Most people are aware that in the most simplistic descriptions of science, the methodology employed consists of defining a hypothesis (statement) about an observable phenomenon and then testing that hypothesis experimentally. If the results of the experiment are repeatable and replicable by multiple observers and the results are consistent,the hypothesis is promoted to the status of a theory, in which case the hypothesis has been heuristically accepted as True information. While this description of the scientific method suffices for the novice, it is not quite adequate for a sophisticated scientist. To complete the explanation of the scientific method we need to recognize that an experiment is presumed to answer a question about the adequacy of the hypothesis under the conditions to which the hypothesis is presumed to apply. To do this properly, in the context of “science” the question to be answered must meet the criterion known as the Operational Point of View.

3. Operational Point of View

The experiment performed to test a hypothesis has to answer a properly formed scientific question, and not all questions meet this criterion. Think of an experiment as an operation that answers a question. When the question is of the form, “Is statement X true?”, we do not have a properly formed scientific question, because to be “scientific” a question must define, or at least imply, the specific operation that is to be performed in order to determine the answer.

So, for example, the question, “What time is it?” is not a scientific question; whereas the question “What time is it according to my mechanical clock?” is scientific, because it defines the operation or experiment that is to give us the answer. In this case the experiment consists of reading the dial on a particular clock.

This definition of a scientific question is often regarded by scientists as the “Basic Philosophy of Science”.

4. Theoretical Domains

Still another important understanding shared by all knowledgeable scientists is the concept of the Theoretical Domain. A theory is not expected to apply everywhere, at all times, and under all conditions. So to be scientific a theory must include a definition of the physical domain or realm to which it applies.

So, for example, the theory known as Newtonian Mechanics applies to objects that Isaac Newton was able to observe – objects like planets, apples, pulleys, buckets, and bullets. What these objects have in common is that they have “mass”; their speed is very slow compared with the speed of light; and they are very large (massive) compared with electrons and atoms. For objects that don’t fit these criteria, different theories must be applied. The theory of Electrodynamics works really well for things that move at speeds approaching the speed of light; and the theory of Quantum Mechanics works very reliably to describe the behavior of very small things, like photons and electrons.

5. Cause and Effect

Until the appearance of Quantum Mechanics, scientists of every variety recognized the “law” of cause and effect. The basics of this constraint are that every event has a cause, and that the cause must always precede the effect. The usual description of a causal relationship between two events requires that the earlier event transfers energy or momentum to the time and location of the second event. This presumption applies perfectly to both the Newtonian domain and the Electrodynamic domain. The Quantum Mechanical domain, however, doesn’t work quite the same way, for reasons that are not altogether clear to scientists today. In the Quantum domain, highly accurate predictions can be made that do not require the same kind of causality needed in the other theories, and one can make a case to the effect that some events take place without any cause.

6. Logical and Mathematical Inference

There are phenomena in the physical universe that are not discernible to the human senses – things like energy, momentum, fields, and probability. Despite this fact, scientists regard these phenomena as part of reality, and name them accordingly. Scientists understand that their mathematical descriptions of reality are not the realities themselves – that metaphorically the map is not the territory. But as long as the resulting predictions are accurate, precise, and consistent, the mathematical constructs are usefully interchangeable with direct observation.

As an example, consider the motion of a large solid object such as a baseball. As long as the object undergoes no rotation, its motion in response to (causal) external forces can be accurately predicted by calculating the trajectory of a particle of equal mass located at a point within the object called the “center of mass” of the object. The mass of the object is not all located at a point, but the calculation yields an extremely accurate prediction of how the center of the object will move. This is particularly useful when calculating missile ballistics and planetary orbits.

7. Indirect Observation

In science it is always satisfying when observations can be made with the unaided “naked eye”. Unfortunately, there are many phenomena of interest to scientists that do not permit this approach. On the bright side, scientists have created tools and instruments that extend the capabilities of the human senses in a variety of ways. Microscopes, telescopes, light-sensitive films, scintillation counters, X-ray scanners, dosimeters, and radar detectors are just a few of these devices. In science it is assumed that observations and measurements made by such indirect means provide valid information as long as the inherent limitations of the devices used are taken into account and the logical inferences relating the devices to the real world are themselves predictably consistent.

8. Other Considerations

There are a few other ideas implicit in the scientific method. For instance it is assumed that space exists and that it is the same everywhere – so that the physics and chemistry that are applicable here work the same way elsewhere. Until we have reason to think otherwise, we presume that causality works differently at the quantum level and we look forward hopefully to a day when we can resolve the Gödelian paradoxes that have prevented us from creating a theory that combines Newtonian Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, and General Relativity in a single unified structure. Science acknowledges many unanswered questions – some as simple as, “Why do electrons all have the same charge?” – a still unanswered question after 100 years or so of inquiry.

Science Under Attack

It is widely understood that western schools, including private schools to some degree, are “dumbing the kids down” – withholding important information about money, ethics, law, government, and science. Instead of creating innovative pioneering entrepreneurs, the schools are, for the most part, producing obedient employees incapable of creative thinking – most of them convinced that their emotional reactions are far more important than facts, logic, and rational inquiry. Observing this, I used to think it was just due to the bureaucratization of the school system hierarchy – the gradual elimination of corrective feedback that accelerated with the advent of the “common core” curriculum. Now I’ve come to believe something even much more sinister is taking place.

It has been apparent to me for quite some time that the control of the world has been taken over by a gang of psychopathic bandits who plunder more than 99% of the resources that each of us would have had access to were it not for their depredations. Most of us are literally living off the crumbs that fall from their tables. At this point I am very suspicious of the possibility that they are buying the work of some really pernicious propagandists to discourage critical thinking on an enormous scale. The specific activities to which I am referring are popularly referred to as “Flat Earth” and “Rational Science”.

The Flat Earth Proposition

I trust most people are aware that there is a growing number of people who claim that the earth is not a spinning, almost spherical ball exhibiting the characteristics described by astrophysics, solid geometry, and Newtonian Mechanics. No no. We are to believe that that model of the earth is a hoax created by NASA – and the basic “argument” to that effect is that government (especially NASA) lies. This statement is credible to many because government is primarily comprised of politicians who lie all the time. Based on video evidence I’ve seen, I think it likely that NASA never made it to the moon, which of course would mean they lied about it. But the fact that NASA lies doesn’t prove that the earth is flat – and neither do any of the other “proofs” that flat earth proponents set forth. Most of those “proofs” ignore all of the characteristics outlined above that define science.

The really intriguing feature of this phenomenon is the way flat earthers deride, belittle, and make fun of anyone who engages with them in the spirit of collaborative scientific investigation. In my 70+ years as a scientist, that is something I’ve never witnessed before. It seems in some way pathological – but there it is.

Rational Science”

I recently encountered another group that seem intent on discrediting science and that engages in ridicule, ad hominem attacks, and actual name-calling when asked politely to answer a few reasonable questions about their “rational scientific method”. My core observation of this group’s idea is that it violates almost all the definitive criteria that I’ve outlined above as fundamental to what I know as science. They claim (falsely) that the purpose of science is to “explain” how the world works; but the only explaining they recognize as valid is a kind of Newtonian intuition that can only be applied to objects of known shape and position.

While there are some interesting features to this fantasy, it does nothing to increase intelligence while systematically misleading the reader as to the nature of science. The most problematic feature is the fact that it uses many words commonly used in science and claims to be science, when in fact it is not – at least not as I’ve defined science above, and not as scientists have defined it for hundreds of years. I suggested to a “rational science” forum that their interesting new discipline should perhaps be called Gaedence instead of science – in honor of Bill Gaede, the method’s chief creator – who called me names when I started asking questions based on my understanding of what science is. I disengaged from that conversation as soon as the ridicule began, knowing that further inquiry would be futile – that I was confronting a propagandist, not a scientist.


Science, as I’ve defined it above, is the best, most accurate, most reliable means humans have created to distinguish true information from false information. So concern about the possible disenfranchisement of science and scientists is something to be taken seriously.

To that end I would pose the question, “Who stands to gain if people distrust science or are confused about what it is or why it is needed”?

I speculate that those individuals who are spending billions of dollars to suppress truth itself are behind this evil trend. We know who some of these people are. They are the politicians, the professional liars who are supporting, condoning, and implementing the current massive attack on truth and those who tell the truth. They are, however, the robotic servants of another group – the ultra-wealthy bankers and industrialists who own the world and who are intent on owning the world’s people. I usually refer to this group, somewhat sarcastically, as the “nobility”, because just a few centuries ago they were the kings and high priests of the world – slaughtering their enemies and plundering the commoners. It’s the same group today. Only the labels have changed.

A world characterized by peace, prosperity, and freedom is possible, but unlikely. For it to be achieved, certain steps are necessary. Establishment of a truly free market, emancipation of the law enforcers (Yes, they too are slaves), and the worldwide proliferation of small ethical societies are the most effective outcomes available to us. There is no guarantee these goals are attainable – but there is also no guarantee that they are not.

Clearly, we dreamers who have not given up have a lot of work to do.

Jul 072017

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Greetings to all my friends and Octologue well-wishers. In just 8 days the text of my latest book will be finalized and its production will get underway. The title is: “Soul-Bonding – A New Approach to Personal Growth and Human Syzygy”.

When completed, the book will be available in paperback, e-book, and kindle formats. I’ve included the book’s preface below as an introduction to the subject-matter. If you’d like to receive a free copy of the e-book, as soon as it’s available, just shoot me an email to with “free S-B” in the subject line, and I’ll send it off to you ASAP..


Bob Podolsky


Soul-Bonding”. The phrase fairly reeks of undefined mystical implications imbued with a hint of the spiritual. But what does it mean? It takes its name from the fact that the bond formed between a mother and her newborn infant is the most important relationship in the life of the child. The quality of that bond and its history over the child’s first five years will determine how that life will unfold for the adult into whom the child matures for decades thereafter… in the absence of Soul-Bonding. Which brings us back to the question of “What is Soul-Bonding?”

The simplest answer is that Soul-Bonding is a protocol or procedure that enables one to increase one’s understanding of who one is and how one became who one is. While valuable for its simplicity, this explanation fails to express the universal need for this technology. So here’s a list of 26 indications that Soul-Bonding would likely improve your life:

  • You’ve always known you were special, but others rarely recognize this in you.

  • You are constantly disappointed by the extent to which those around you lack your spiritual sensitivity.

  • Life has “short-changed” you and someone, by God, owes you!

  • You’ve long suspected that you have alien parents… who may or may not someday come to claim you… but you were sure, as a child, that you were living with the wrong family.

  • While you are obviously generous, it seems everyone else is terribly selfish.

  • You believe “no one should have to work.”

  • The “Venus Project” is very appealing to you.

  • You participate in political campaigns.

  • You’d rather seek and find evidence for what you believe than formulate new beliefs based on new information.

  • You can’t imagine enjoying monogamy.

  • You have failed at marriage more than once – and you’re starting to suspect there’s more involved in this than simply your poor judgment in picking your partners.

  • Fear of failure makes you inordinately risk averse.

  • You’d rather have a job than own a business.

  • You’ve already been promoted to your level of incompetence.

  • You always use up all your “sick-leave”.

  • You win awards for playing your role as an employee.

  • You’ve got your eye on that corner office… or comparable status symbol (big house, fancy car, private jet, etc.)

  • You remember nothing before the age of six.

  • When you were little, your parents always seemed to be fighting about you.

  • You hate your job. You’ve hated all your jobs.

  • You’ve never had a boss you liked.

  • You’ve never had a boss you didn’t like.

  • You keep expecting to see government start changing for the better

  • You feel helpless to change anything for the better.

  • Your life is “humdrum” and meaningless.

  • Think of the question, “What would you set out to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” Then realize YOU AREN’T DOING IT.

If any one of the above descriptors fits you, you are a prime candidate for learning Soul-Bonding. If two or more apply, your need could be urgent.

When I speak of “learning Soul-Bonding”, I could mean learning to be a professional Soul-Bonding practitioner, who gets paid to apply the protocol for the benefit of their clients. But it can also mean simply learning the skills for one’s own benefit. Both meanings are valid and both outcomes are available.

Soul-Bonding is designed from its inception as a means by which people can recover from, and outgrow, the effects of childhood trauma, and thereby acquire a variety of valuable new capabilities that were previously unavailable. Moreover, when you experience Soul-Bonding you are simultaneously learning it. So when you’ve experienced enough of it, you can use it on your own without supervision. And by the time you are doing that routinely, you will be competent to teach it to others.

When I began my journey into Soul-Bonding, in the fall of 1972, I was very skeptical. The only reason I got started was that a friend told me that a two hour session with a therapist resulted in curing her of stammering – an “affliction” she’d suffered from for most of her life. That statement aroused my curiosity to the extent that I had to find out how the change came about, despite my skepticism. Two months later I was so moved by the benefits that I’d already experienced that I decided to make it my second career. I’ve never regretted the decision.

In the course of reading this book you will learn in some detail the nature of Soul-Bonding and likely find a use for it in your life. Here at the start, I want to provide you a context and some vocabulary for understanding and interpreting the content of the chapters that follow, as well as a recognition that Soul-Bonding could be the solution of the deepest most tragic problem our species faces – the problem most likely to destroy us all if left unsolved.

Like your cell phone when it’s time to charge it, a newborn baby needs to “plug into its energy source”, and its “socket” is primarily its mother’s face. So the baby “plugs in” by finding mom’s face, making eye contact, and mirroring mom’s facial expressions.

If mom is happy, healthy, energetic, and ready to engage with her child, the two mirror each other in a way that the child finds nurturing, calming, satisfying, and reassuring. And if the mother follows through with the needed physical comforting and feeding, the child grows up seeing the world as full of the resources she needs and becomes highly capable and independent. Soul-Bonding dramatically increases the likelihood of this desirable outcome.

I sincerely believe that if you are not living the life you’ve always wanted, the means to achieving that life is literally in your hands and/or at your fingertips this very moment.

Jun 032016


Based on the observations outlined below, I see our cultural evolution as having reached a “cusp”. On the one hand, it is within human capability to establish a world in which virtually everyone can flourish… where health and material well-being are universal, and life-spans centuries long… where children are raised without the trauma of early abuse… where war, hunger, poverty, racism, drug addiction, and street violence are things of the past… and where everyone shares a sense of belonging in the world – unalienated by our former divisiveness.

On the other hand, unless we promptly make some radical changes in our societal culture, I predict that we are most likely to witness the extinction of our species within no more than a few decades…or possibly within as little as a few years. We could even witness the making of this choice before the end of this year. So time is of the essence.

I have hope…

Despite the above prophecy, hope is strong in me that humans will eventually achieve an ethical society characterized by peace, prosperity, and freedom. I realize that to most people, awake to the realities of today’s world, such hope must seem an unlikely pipe dream; based on our knowledge of the amount of evil and corruption dominating world events…yet, I have hope nonetheless.

My hope springs not from the power contained in the human heart, as some would opine – but rather, from the power of that which I serve: namely, a paradigm that I believe cannot fail once embraced by a relatively small group of activists. My purpose in writing this article today is two-fold:

  • To explain the paradigm in its simplest terms, and

  • To solicit your active participation in putting the paradigm into practice.

Because I believe that the fate of our species will depend on your response to my words, it’s important that you have some good reasons to believe what I’m about to tell you. For this to happen, you need to know more about me. So bear with me while I toot my own horn a bit.

I’m smart…
I’m not a genius – at least not in the usual sense of the word. My ability to store and retrieve information in my head isn’t especially impressive. My thought processes don’t run particularly faster than many others. And my ability to perform logical and mathematical operations in my head is above average – but not exceptional. What makes my thought processes extraordinary is my extreme attention span. When exploring a new idea I keep nibbling away at it long after others get frustrated and quit. Right now, for instance, I’m working on some ideas that I’ve literally been working on for years. The result of this anomalous capacity is that I’ve become what you might call a “deep thinker” – able to draw conclusions that others fail to see because they quit thinking too soon…before they get to the heart of the matter.

I’m intuitive…
I’ve intentionally cultivated a decent level of rapport between my conscious and subconscious minds – so the focus of my mental inquiries continues while I sleep or daydream. This results in my often acquiring new insights without fully understanding how I arrived at them. If I suspect I could prove such an insight, I call it an “opinion”, whether or not I choose to reason my way to an actual proof.

I’m an oracle…
Because I’m a smart deep thinking intuitive, I’m able from time to time to make accurate predictions of future events, based on subtle trends and patterns that I observe over time. For example, in 1958, as a sophomore in college, I wrote a term paper in which I predicted that the United States and the Soviet Union, then still in the midst of the “cold war”, would eventually become more and more alike – ultimately becoming indistinguishable from one another by any meaningful measure. This, you will note, is precisely what has happened. I hope you’ll keep this in mind when you consider the prophecy I made at the start of this article.

I’m a committed ethicist…

Until 1984, when I met John David Garcia, I spurned the subject of ethics, because I recognized that the choice of an ethic is purely subjective. As a scientist I had no use for a phenomenology that seemed so detached from the objective world. But, as John David soon taught me, the validity of an ethic is objectively verifiable, thereby making it susceptible to scientific scrutiny. It isn’t at all difficult to determine whether living in accordance with an ethic’s belief system actually increases the specific value or values that the ethic is purported to maximize. From my perspective, adoption of a valid ethic is the most important hallmark of adulthood available to our species.

When I say I’m committed to the ethical life, I think of how a chicken and a pig affect my breakfast of ham and eggs. The chicken was involved in the creation of my breakfast – the pig was committed. My commitment is similarly all-encompassing and devoid of compromise.

There you have it…
For the foregoing reasons I believe I deserve to be taken seriously – to have you heed what I say next enough to verify it for yourself. If you don’t believe one of the following statements, I urge you to formulate a question that challenges the statement. Instead of telling yourself, “That can’t be true.” ask “What makes you think that?” or “How did you arrive at that conclusion?” In this way you can keep yourself open to new information – a state of mind that is always ethical.

Life aboard “Spaceship Earth”…
Let’s take Buckminster Fuller’s metaphor as a model, and conceive the earth as a natural spaceship, on which we humans find ourselves exploring “where no man has gone before”. As I explore the spaceship, I meet many other fellow travelers and, over time, make the following observations:

  • Those aboard who are emotionally the healthiest are the ones who are honest, form voluntary win-win relations with one another, and who help one another to heal the emotional wounds suffered in their childhoods due to having had immature neurotic parents. These folks are worthy of trust and generally uplifting to be around.

  • Some of those I encounter present themselves as the ship’s crew members – claiming to work for “the ship”, to be responsible for my well being, and to wield authority over the non-crew passengers, for the sake of “the public”. These self-proclaimed ship’s officers often label themselves members of a mass hallucination thing they call “government” – thereby absolving themselves of all moral responsibility, as long as they obey their “superiors”.

    The “crew” is not to be trusted – ever:

    • They always lie,

    • They are not at the ship’s helm,

    • They have none of the special rights that they claim, no matter their costumes,

    • They seek only to accumulate other people’s resources, through extortive violence and its threat.

    • They are psychopathically devoid of empathy, conscience, compassion, or remorse.

    • They regard others as their slaves… to be controlled, exploited, used, raped, starved, poisoned, and murdered in vast numbers. Almost 300 million of us have died at their hands in just the last century – not counting those killed in wars. And now they appear poised to kill billions more.

    • The crew-controlled manufacture of things intended to be destroyed (munitions), or to wreak destruction on other things (weaponry), wastes quantities of natural resources that stagger the mind on examination. This process, which exists only to make some rich, is totally unsustainable.

    • The crew are themselves slaves – their relation to the rest of us is like the relation of plantation house-slaves to field-slaves in the pre-Civil-War South. They enjoy certain privileges not available to the rest of us, and they earn these privileges by acting as authoritarian go-betweens or overseers. This process may be conceptualized as an industry called “power brokerage”. In this industry, a government is a power brokerage cartel.

    • The crew members lives are totally parasitic. They make nothing of value and provide nothing that cannot be better provided without them. Like most parasites, they are actively destroying their hosts (that is, the rest of us) and ultimately themselves as well.

The choice…
Below I identify certain cultural changes that must necessarily occur for humanity to flourish – its culture characterized by peace, prosperity, and freedom. While these changes are necessary, it remains to be seen whether they will prove sufficient. They are, at least, within the realm of possibility. To this end…

  • We must bring about wide-spread adoption of objectively valid ethics by mastering the subject as adults, as well as by teaching the subject to our children at the earliest possible age. At its simplest, an ethical act is one that increases truth, awareness, love, and/or creativity for at least one person, without limiting or diminishing any of these resources for anyone.

  • We must replace hierarchy across the board with HoloMats of Octologues (or their logical equivalents), thereby eliminating the false notion of “authority”, acknowledging the equality of human rights, eliminating the power of cartels, and simultaneously immunizing our institutions against the evils of bureaucracy. Octologues are small autonomous groups committed to ethical purposes, who make decisions unanimously and remain always open to corrective feedback from one another and from other groups. HoloMats are groups of Octologues that contract to act together for a common purpose.

    Consider, for example, how easy it is for you and a group of friends to decide where to go out for dinner. The purpose is social rather than nutritional. Pretty easily made group decision, right? And most probably you won’t be going to a restaurant about which a member of your group has a compelling reason not to visit (too expensive maybe). So the decision is unanimous. That’s how easy it is for the members of an Octologue to reach a unanimous decision – though the issue being decided can be much more important than “where do we eat”.

  • We must eliminate the use of “punishment” in child-rearing, thereby ceasing to teach violence as an acceptable mode of human interaction. When children are no longer threatened with violence, adults will no longer initiate violence – thus ending war and all other forms of interpersonal violence.

The three foregoing objectives are realizable. We know how to achieve them. What we’ve lacked thus far has been the will to apply this knowledge. Pursuit of this paradigm can demonstrably yield worldwide peace, prosperity, and freedom. Do you have a more worthwhile life-purpose than that? If not, I invite you to take action to this end…as if you knew you couldn’t fail.

Hurry! Time grows short…
I’ve been promoting the Titania Project since 1985…writing articles and books, giving lectures, and teaching workshops at various locations. This article is an urgent call to action. The urgency I feel derives in part from the hands of the “doomsday clock” – and partly from my own personal needs that are as yet unfulfilled.

More than 30 years ago, when I first embarked on this career, I thought that launching the project would be a “slam-dunk”…that the HoloMatic method was so obviously the best choice anyone could make…that the demand for the relevant know-how would turn my consulting services into a financially successful enterprise involving large numbers of participants. I couldn’t imagine who would want to continue working in a hierarchy when they could become a partner in an Octologue.

Today I realize that the psychopaths running the world have convinced most people, including many in the so-called “freedom movement”, that there is no viable alternative to power brokerage – thus fostering an attitude of passive acquiescence and compliance in the vast majority. Their message is a lie! But if you don’t take prompt remedial action, their lie will become a self-fulfilling prediction. These same psychopaths are poisoning our lands, seas, and atmosphere. They are provoking wars that could end life on our planet. And they are fostering evil and corruption of every imaginable sort. We must act now, or it will soon be too late.

What is more, from my personal perspective, life is fragile, and my recent medical “adventure” brought home to me the fact that my availability to teach the HoloMatic method is ultimately time-limited.

The upshot of these considerations is the fact that I need your help to set the wheels in motion that will save us from premature extinction and pave the way to a flourishing ethical society. The three objectives I’ve listed above, instilling valid ethics, ending hierarchy, and ending punishments, are necessary outcomes if humanity is to avoid extinction…they are not options…but essential steps, without which our species is doomed.

Action Checklist…
The following actions on your part will contribute to the success of the Titania Project. Some of them are specifically directed to support of my personal activities…and some are more general opportunities to provide The HOLOMAT with tools and resources equal to the task at hand.

  • Buy a copy of FLOURISH!Read it, and encourage everyone you know to do likewise. When it becomes a “best seller”, it will greatly expand the pool of candidates for early adoption of the Titanian method.

  • Volunteer your expertise. We need web-masters, IT security pros, database designers, software engineers, social media experts, event organizers, logistics specialists, crowd-funding writers, and many other skilled participants if we are to build the needed infrastructure to support the Titania Project. Contact me with your questions about what is needed and how you can participate. Some of today’s volunteer positions will become highly paid career positions once The HOLOMAT is up and running successfully. Anyone can join.

  • Support the Project Financially. In order to devote myself to the Titania Project full time, I’ve maintained a lifestyle well below the “poverty line”. While this works for me as a means of day-to-day survival, it falls short when it comes to actually promoting the Project. For this reason, I’m asking your help to cover printing, advertising, facility overhead, and travel expenses, so that I can be more effective in getting the word out about the advantages of the Titanian way. Also, the volunteer services that I solicited in the previous paragraph will need to become paid services eventually if The HOLOMAT is to be successful. Your donations can provide the seed money to bring this about.

    If you wish to donate or to “subscribe”, you can do so via PayPal via the address

    If you prefer, you can donate BitCoins to the address: 1NP2o2J85Gnq7aYtiw4ne6MFRdGwV8iSiC

    Time is short and Life is fragile. Please act now…today…while there is still reason to hope that we can turn the tide and create an ethical society.

May 162016

Life is What Happens…

Most folks have probably heard the epithet, “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” This is certainly true of my most recent experience.

For those of you who haven’t heard “through the grapevine”, I just got out of the hospital after a ten day adventure there.

This unsought interruption of everything else going on in my life gave me the time and motivation to do some serious thinking about my 78 years aboard spaceship Earth… and this resulted in some new insights that I feel compelled to share with you. Some are personal. Some are abstract. And some are keenly focused on the Titania Project that has been my peculiar wÿrd for the last 30+ years.

About that adventure…

Some who know me will want to know the details of the “adventure”. If you aren’t interested, get off the train here. I’ll meet you at the next “station”.

On April the 10th I began feeling low level pains in my abdomen, and these pains gradually grew into a crisis that I wasn’t able to manage on my own, though I’d succeeded in living 3 weeks without resort to drugs. Nonetheless, on the evening of May the 1st, I checked myself into the emergency room at the Banner Desert Hospital in Mesa. To their credit, and my surprise, the attending physician didn’t wait to find out what was wrong with me before making me comfortable by doping me up with morphine.

There followed a 24 hour period of probing, testing, and evaluating, and then a night-time surgical interlude called, “bowel resection”. It seems that sometime in the distant past a cyst had formed in the wall of my transverse colon. And this fact somehow caused the formation of a tumor inside the colon. Apparently my colon had tried to defend against this abuse by turning itself inside out in a process called intussusception – a phenomenon rarely scene in adults.

My surgeon did what he had to do. He cut out about a foot of my colon – including the intussusception, the tumor, and the cyst. These discarded components turned out to be benign, so 3 days later I was glad to learn I wouldn’t be dealing with any form of cancer. Meanwhile, he stapled and sewed the severed ends of my colon together in what a plumber would probably call an “elbow”, thus bringing recovery into the realm of possibility.

The Ordeal in “Adventure”

I’ve often said that an “adventure” is just an ordeal that one happens to survive. As of today, I have no reason to change my mind.

It was 8 days before I felt any confidence that I was actually headed for recovery. The assault by doctors, technicians, caregivers, and staff – the confusion induced by powerful pain-killers – the need to get to and from the bathroom while tethered to IV drips and instruments of destruction – the pressure of carrying around intestines swollen to resemble a small watermelon – the demands that I eat and walk while wishing neither, all the above combined to make the prospect of recovery seem an ephemeral possibility.

Yet here I am on day 11, at home, struggling to land on my feet after an adventure that was actually life threatening for a while. I’m still uncomfortable, and yet committed to getting back up to full functionality as soon as humanly possible.


Those in the know, my doctors, nurses, technicians, physical therapist, occupational therapist, case-worker – all tell me that, given what I’ve been through, my recovery is progressing at an extraordinary pace – beyond what any of them have seen previously. While this is vaguely reassuring, I don’t take it for granted. No one ever gets “out of the woods” alive. I just feel grateful for the time I have in the woods – and for the well-wishes of the wonderful friends who are seeing me through this difficult time.

Jan 272016

CHOOSING AN ETHICstar of laskmi

by: Bob Podolsky

Why choose an Ethic?

It’s a truism that most people wants to “better themselves” – that is to better the circumstances of their lives. Philosophies and religions are all derived from this fact. When one adopts a valid ethic, this goal can be realized or “manifested”. The result is a life characterized by peace, prosperity, and freedom… it feels like having a compass in one’s head… important decisions become simple…work feels like play… relationships “bloom”… and the day-to-day challenges and vicissitudes of life seem much less daunting. This is the state-of-mind in which one actually “becomes the change” one wishes to see in the world.


As a young man I believed two things about ethics – one true, and the other false:

  1. I believed the choice of an ethic is “arbitrary” – because one can choose any ethic one likes; and

  2. I believed therefore that the entire subject of ethics is trivial – of no real use in making behavioral decisions.

As I learned much later, statement (1) above is true; but statement (2) is false. Lets examine the concept of an ethic a little more closely, and then apply it with some logic to a few actual ethics.

Specifying an Ethic

Every ethic consists of 2 parts that must be defined in order to fully specify a particular ethic:

  1. A Value that the ethic is intended to increase, and

  2. A belief or belief system that tells one how to behave in order to increase the desired value.

For instance, one might choose an ethic that values prosperity and operates on the belief that prosperity can be maximized by getting a job working for 40 years for a big corporation after, many years of education. As absurd as this belief is, in combination with the value, it is, nonetheless, an ethic – by definition – albeit not a very good one. When this is true, the belief fails to support the value, and the ethic is said to be “invalid”.

Ethical Validity

An invalid ethic fails to produce more of the value sought – and in many instances actually has the opposite effect, diminishing the desired value. An example would be the Soviet Ethic that sought to produce “material well-being for all”. The accompanying belief was that this outcome could be achieved through the adoption of a tyrannical communist regime. The result was: almost universal poverty. The ethic was clearly invalid.

The “No Ethic” Ethic

There are those who are so enthralled by the arbitrariness of choosing an ethic, that they see no reason to consciously make such a choice. This of course is just another kind of ethic. In this case both the value and the belief are random. And since there is no discernible value sought, the random belief fails to produce a value – so the ethic can be said to be invalid. On the other hand, since the random belief does produce random values, one could describe the ethic as valid.

As I see it, the real value sought is the illusion of having little or no responsibility for the adopter’s experience of his life. And adopting this ethic certainly supports and increases that illusion, so it might best be called the “lazy man’s ethic” – and it is technically valid, though of no practical use.

The “Golden Rule” and “Universally Preferred Behavior”

I’ve lumped these two ethics together because they both suffer from the same weakness – namely, there is no “universally preferred behavior”. To see this clearly, imagine you have an encounter with a sado-masochist. He is someone who prefers to have others inflict pain on him. Do you really want him to do to you what he wants you to do to him? Unless you are also a sado-masochist, the answer is “probably not”.

While you might suppose that sado-masochism is too uncommon to be of real relevance, the fact is otherwise. In my 40 years experience as a psychotherapist, At least 20% of the population worldwide displays a significant leaning towards such preferences. While the degree to which such a person actually acts on such impulses varies greatly from person to person, the fact of this phenomenon’s existence proves the Golden Rule and the Universally Preferred Behavior to be invalid ethics.

The “Non-Aggression Principle”

Let’s now examine an ethic that is valid, but not optimal. Called the “Non-Aggression Principle”, the NAP states:

any initiation of coercive action (that is, any aggressive act) is ethically wrong.

The NAP ethic embraces freedom from violence as the value; and the belief is that this can be achieved by refraining from initiating violence or the threat of violence – while retaining the freedom to use limited violence in self defense.

If everyone restrained themselves from initiating violence, violence would indeed disappear, and no one would be the victim of violence. However, many of us learn violence from our parents when we are very young – usually before the age of 5 years – and we will still encounter violence until child-rearing becomes generally improved. My experience leads me to say those who were the abused as children, are the most are the biggest abusers as adults.

A more serious weakness of this ethic is that the value chosen is something not wanted – something to be avoided. In other words the value is a negative rather than a positive. It’s based on what we don’t want instead of what we do want. So while the ethic is valid, it doesn’t address what we must do to increase a number of other equally important values. So let’s look at the best ethic I have found to date.

The Ethics of Ethics

As everyone seems to know, ethics are the means by which one decides what is “good” and how to behave…how to live one’s life. What is slightly less obvious is the fact that the choice of an ethic is itself subject to an ethic-based decision. This second-level ethic might be called a “meta-ethic”. In similar fashion, one can construct any number of metan ethics…i.e. meta-meta, meta-meta-meta, and so forth. So the question this fact engenders is, “where does one start, in formulating a worthwhile ethic?”

To answer this question (quick before the theologians jump in) we can simply choose what I call a “universal referent” – which is to say, an objectively observable phenomenon of obvious value everywhere and at all times. For this choice I strongly suggest the phenomenon we call “evolution”… the opposite of which is “entropy”. This choice has several advantages.

  • The phenomenon is objectively (scientifically) observable and is certainly of great intrinsic value.

  • The choice of this referent directly amplifies truth, awareness, love, and creativity… and indirectly creates peace, prosperity, happiness, and freedom.

  • For those who prefer to involve the “god” concept in their ethics, one can simply define “god” as that toward which life evolves. Doing so is completely compatible with the valid portions of the “Christian Ethic”.

So let’s take a closer look at the formulation of such an ethic.

The Evolutionary Ethic

For starters, there are a number of values that are logically equivalent to one another:

  • Truth (scientifically verifiable) + Objective

  • Awareness & Personal evolution

  • Love

  • Creativity

TALC resources are logically equivalent to one another in that increasing any one of them always increases them all – AND – limiting or diminishing any one of them always limits or diminishes them all. Any of these values can be used to create a valid ethic.

Here’s an example based on the value of creativity and on the following belief system:

An act is ethical if it increases creativity for at least one person (including the person acting), without limiting or diminishing creativity for anyone.

In the definition above one can substitute any of the other values in the preceding (TALC) list for the word “creativity” and still have a valid ethic.

I have yet to see or find a valid ethic that is not logically equivalent to this one. Also, it should be noted that, counter-intuitively, no one has yet created a valid ethic based on the values of:

  • Freedom

  • Happiness

  • Pleasure

  • Power

  • Wealth

Many attempts to do so have been made; but to my knowledge none has succeeded.


For a more comprehensive discussion of ethics and their effects on the human condition, you are invited to read Ethics, Law, & Government on the website. The BORG has told you all your life to obey the law and to revere the government. Is it giving you what you want? Perhaps it’s time to re-examine that decision.

Bob Podolsky


Jan 132016

Acapulco, Mexico Feb19 -21 2016, At the Grand Hotel Acapulco, Anarcho-capitalists, Libertarians, Entrepreneurs, and Freedom-lovers (ANCAPS), will be gathering at the Anarchapulco conference that could easily be the business event of the century. Anarchapulco promises to “kick off” a trend toward real free markets and the worldwide amplification of peace, prosperity, and freedom.
One of the event’s themes is an organizational mechanism some are calling “organized anarchy” that demonstrates the admonitions of Dee Hock, the founder of VISA, who recently said:

“…a clear, meaningful purpose and compelling ethical principles evoked from all participants should be the essence of every relationship, and every institution.”

Hock was the first modern-day entrepreneur to build a trillion dollar organization with no traditional managers – an organization comprised of equal peers rather than bosses and subordinates.

To serve the ends of Ethical Real Free Markets, The Anarchapulco Entreprenureship Bootcamp is being offered on Feb 17, in an entirely new format will have experienced entrepreneurs giving you incredible insights into what it takes to create and grow a successful business. The presenters include: Jeff Berwick – Serial entrepreneur highest valued company reaching $240 million, Kallen Diggs – career strategist, Joby Weeks -Perpetual Traveler, Ashe Whitener – Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast, Nathan T. Freeman – tech industry entrepreneur / Fortune 500 consult, Bob Podolsky, entrepreneur and author.

There over 30 speakers scheduled to speak at Anarchapulco a short list includes:
Jeff Berwick – Founder of The Dollar Vigilante
Larken Rose -Activist / Author The Most Dangerous Superstition and The Iron Web.
Walter Block – Austrian school economist and anarcho-libertarian philosopher
Roger Ver – Bitcoin Angle investor.
Adam Kokesh – Author Freedom calling for “orderly dissolution of the federal government”.
Ken O’Keefe – Activist and lawfully declared world citizen.
Lauren Rumpler – AKA Objectivist Girl and host of the True Objective Podcast.
Milo Yiannopoulos – best-known technology and media commentators in Europe.
Marc Victor – “Attorney for Freedom” how to protect your rights from the intrusions of government.
Zen Gardener – Anarchist mystic.
Max Igan – Researcher, truth seeker, radio host, film-maker.
Barry Cooper – Drug War Insurgent, the cop who turned against the drug war.
Dayna Martin – Author Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun, speaker, reality vlogger,
Rick Falkvinge – founder of the first Pirate Party and a campaigner for next-generation civil liberties.
Michael Shanklin -Vice President of Cloud Sales & Inbound Marketing at White Cloud Security, LLC.
Trace Mayer – Entrepreneur, investor, journalist, monetary scientist, defender of the freedom of speech.
Max Wright – Libertarian philosopher, blockchain thought leader, author, investor and entrepreneur.
Luke Rudkowski – Founder of We Are Change, a libertarian, independent media organization.
Bob Podolsky – Author Flourish how to amplify peace, prosperity, and freedom in the world.
Ernest Hancock – Founder Freedom’s Phoenix, talk show host.
Lawrence Samuels – Author Facets of Liberty: A Libertarian Primer and In Defense of Chaos
Vít Jedlička – Czech politician, publicist and activist, founded Free Republic of Liberland.
Chris Horlacher – Expert in business strategy, transformation and process improvement.
Tony Vays – Wall Street veteran and former VP and Risk Analyst at Bear Stearns and JP Morgan Chase.

Join ANCAPS from around the world, who are gravitating to Mexico for 3 days of speeches, presentations, panels debates, musical acts, parties and networking to create a freer world and 7 billion “governments” on earth.