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                                      Are you an Artist?
If so, would you like your art to be on the cover of a book that offers
practically every person on the planet some relief from a problem most don’t
even know about or understand. Almost everyone can benefit greatly from
the knowledge and understanding of the solution offered in my most recent

Not an artist?
Please pass this invitation on to someone who is. They will thank you for the

Who am I?
My name is Bob Podolsky. My father was a world famous physicist and I
followed in his footsteps, only to later completely change professions after a
life changing experience. I became a psychotherapist and spent 40+ years
helping people change their lives for the better. I also worked with John
David Garcia on developing the best method for manifesting creativity in
groups – a method which later became what I have labeled an Octologue.
This is featured in my 7th book entitled FLOURISH!.

A New Book!
The title of this one is:
A New Approach to Personal
Growth and Human SYZYGY

What is Soul-Bonding?
Soul-Bonding describes the most important bond a human can make – the
initial bond between mother and child. If you’ve ever struggled with “the
enemy within,” then you’re probably in need of Soul-Bonding. This enemy
within could also be called character structure – an obstacle that stems from
the way most young parents unwittingly treat their children. In my opinion
this obstacle must be cleared if our species is ever to live in peace, prosperity,
and freedom.Fortunately, I’ve been grappling with this obstacle for the past 43 years and have devised what I believe to be a solution to the challenge – and Soul-
Bonding presents that solution.

Next steps
The links in this article, as well as reference material at titanians.org and
holomat.org, should give you some solid background you might need to
create a suitable cover. If you have questions, email me at
borisheir@yahoo.com or call or text me at +1-561-542-5800 and leave a

Format Details
The book format is 6” wide by 9” tall with a 1/16” bleed of the background.
The cover print resolution must be at least 300 dots per inch.

Deadline for submissions is midnight on August the 15 th, 2017. Please email
me right away if you intend to submit. All submissions will be considered.
Only one will be chosen.

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