There are many ways to participate in the Titanian Ethical revolution to create the world we wish to manifest. An ethical society with a just, verdant, and peaceful social order.  The time to manifest this now! The way to manifest that into being is to get committed! Commitment involves ACTION.  Start by making a comment, and posting to your social network.  Read through this website and offer feedback to the author Bob Podolsky. Buy the first book “The BORG Wars, humanity what went wrong”. Sign up for octologue training!

Currently Available Participation Modes

A. Be an Observer – Visit our Creativity Enhancement Mastermind Group. We’ll keep you up to date with Titania’s activities.

B. Be a MemberBuy a book!

 Become a Titanian Citizen – an Ethics expert who knows how to form and run Octologues and structure and utilize HoloMats. You can use these skills in business and other organizational settings. Qualifiers take the three-day Titanian Citizenship Seminar. With this experience you could:

1. Start a business for any ethical purpose.
 Start a business that supports the Titanian Mission.
 Restructure a law firm.
 Reorganize a union.
 Open a school.
 Start a charity for some ethical purpose.
 Fundraise for charities
 Consult for an industry.

E.Become a Titanian Mentor – a Citizen who is trained in presenting and teaching the Citizenship Seminar. Actively supports and helps lower level participants. Permitted to consult under aegis of Titania and use the Titania name in marketing. Qualified Citizens take the five-day Titanian Mentorship Seminar.

1.  Give Citizenship Seminars.
 Offer workshops for various industries.
 Act as consultant to businesses started / managed by Citizens.
 Invent new technology to create virtual Octologues and HoloMats.

F. Become a Titanian Servant – a Mentor trained in Titanian leadership. Become eligible for participation in the Titanian Council of Servants and Titanian Council of Critics. With additional training you can be permitted to judge in Titanian Courts. This is a full-time professional activity. Qualified Mentors take the three-day Servant’s Seminar. Having done so, you can:

1. Participate in major Titanian decisions and innovations.
Invent new applications of Titanian know-how.
Act as liaison with existing institutions.
Coordinate inter-HoloMat relations as requested.
Acquire / create new products and services for Titania to sell.
6. Act as investment banker for Titanian-sponsored projects.

G. Join the Titanian Academic Education Project – A program for teachers and school administrators who want to be involved in an ethical student-centered educational system.

H. Join the Titanian LAW Project – A program for justice-minded legislators, judges, attorneys, paralegals, and law students for ethical law.

We look forward to your feedback!  C-r-o-n-u-s”at”titanians>dot< com or contact us by phone at 561-542-5800 we enjoy YOUR feedback!

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