A great way to increase your creativity is to increase your self-awareness. To this end, effective therapy is a very valuable tool. BUT – not all therapies are equal!

This Article is Addressed to:

  • Practicing Therapists
  • Therapists in Training
  • Aspiring Therapists – not yet in training
  • Therapy Clients who want to get more out of their therapy

Practicing Therapists
Secret #1
: You’ve been lied to about your credentials. The methods you’ve learned in school are not the most effective therapies. Your colleagues sneer at the most effective therapies – because they don’t know them, can’t apply them, and don’t control the market for them.

Therapists in Training
Secret #2
: Insurance companies will not knowingly pay you to provide the most effective therapy to your clients. So you will have to choose between making top dollar and providing the best service to your clients. Unless you are willing to risk losing your “license”, you will need to forgo the credential and charge what your clients can afford to pay “out of pocket”.

Aspiring Therapists
Secret #3
: The most important qualification to be a good therapist is to know yourself to the bone. This is because you cannot lead a client to awareness of a part of his/her psyche that you are afraid to visit in yourself. Very few, if any, of the individuals who set “standards” for the therapeutic “professions” have that kind of awareness. If you want to be as effective as you can be as a therapist, get into therapy with someone who has mastered two or more of the methods outlined below.

Therapy Clients
Secret #4
: Are you totally satisfied with the results you are getting in your therapy? If not, is your therapist a credentialed “professional”? If so, this could be the problem. The “professions” (all of them, including the therapeutic professions) are actually cartels – that exist solely to maximize their members’ profits and to maintain their shared monopoly over their respective “turfs”. To get the best therapy available you will probably need a therapist who is not part of such a cartel. Use the information below to find one.

The Most Effective Therapies
Secret #5
: The most effective and beneficial therapies are generally not taught in schools – but rather in private workshops. Regarded pejoratively by “professionals” as “alternative” or (at best) “experimental”, there are many therapies not taught in schools. This fact alone doesn’t mean they are effective in improving people’s lives – but some of them are very effective. Having personally experienced them, learned them, mastered them, and applied them in combination, I can personally vouch for the ones listed below.

  • Gestalt Therapy was invented by Fritz Perls, who was one of the world’s most effective therapists in the 1960s. It is based on the idea that we need to express the feelings that we were not allowed to express as children.
  • Strategic Therapy was invented by Jay Haley. It presents the client with therapeutic double blinds that counteract the traumatic double binds that caused our neuroses.
  • Bioenergetic Therapy was invented by Alexander Lowen. It treats the physical body as the repressed repository of our most destructive memories and experiences. By coaxing the body into relaxing muscles that are chronically tense, it reveals the repressed feelings and recovers the memories of the events that caused the feelings. This therapy also provides a systematic Characterology that is the best way I know to recognize and understand the physical, mental and emotional issues that must be addressed for therapy to be successful.
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis (sometimes referred to as “Modern Hypnosis”) is the invention of Milton Erickson. This methodology directly addresses the subconscious processes that make us who we are. It is one of the most effective therapeutic modalities ever devised.
  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) was co-invented by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. Based on the extraordinary therapeutic results obtained by Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson, it is a model of the communication patterns that these three very different therapists shared. As such it is a meta-therapy that provides the therapist with a direct line of communication with the client’s subconscious – where all the important decisions take place.  Though not as powerful as Ericksonian Hypnosis, it is easier to learn and embodies many features to be found in the Hypnosis.

An Invitation
Whether you are a Practicing Therapist, a Therapist in Training, an Aspiring Therapist, a frustrated Therapy Client or are involved in any other communication-intensive field, if you can get to Mesa, Arizona you are invited to attend a series of Meetup Groups that I will be holding. Topics will include:

  • The 5 secrets “professional” therapists don’t want you to know
  • Introductions to the most effective therapies
  • The Bioenergetic Characterology
  • Non-therapy applications of the subject matter.

Subsequent lessons, trainings and workshops will be scheduled thereafter.

Sessions will typically last 2 hours, for which a donation of $5 is requested – though not required.

See you there,
Bob Podolsky

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