The Titania Project


Now that we understand the E+ Ethic and the falsehood of the Comforting Lies, it makes sense to ask what we can do to correct the situation.  The TITANIA PROJECT is a plausible answer to this question.

It is a demonstrable fact that all the blessings of life in human society can be causally traced to someone’s creativity. This means that advances in science, business, the arts, technological progress, social evolution, material prosperity, spiritual awareness, and even love and happiness all derive from creativity. Creativity is literally the life-spring of all we value and hold dear in life. It behooves us therefore, to organize our private and public institutions around a set of ethical principles that maximize the creativity of our citizenry.

Accordingly, TITANIA is dedicated to the promotion of peace, love, creativity, and personal evolution through the pursuit of three objectives:

1. Abandonment of the Comforting Lies,
2. Widespread adoption of the E+ Ethic /Titanian Code of Honor and
3. Replacement of our hierarchic institutions with a new kind of institution, known as an Octologue  that refutes the Comforting lies and embraces the E+ Ethic.

Success in this endeavor requires massive education of the public.  Using the Ethical Group known as the Octologue, that is scientifically designed to encourage feedback and boost Creativity, we can use this technology to create the society we wish to live in.   The larger version of the Octologue is known as a Holomat, which is a group of Octologues linked together.  These HoloMats can also be linked together making larger HoloMats.  As Titanian Citizens  are trained to use the technology, the process starts growing it builds on it self slowly at first then faster and faster. Being Octologues grow at a factor of 8, and the participants experience increased creativity,  it will grow at a rapid rate.  Many HoloMats need to be filled to create a thriving society

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