Titanian Organization


How Titania Is Organized

Titania is, of course, organized as a HoloMat. The diagram below shows what it will look like as people with the requisite skills and interests join. As you can see, as Titania grows it will afford many opportunities. Each little octagon below represents an Octologue. The Octologues attach to one another via contracts to form HoloMats. Small HoloMats cooperate with one another to form large HoloMats. Some Octologues are associated with multiple HoloMats – and thus HoloMats can overlap.


The Titania HoloMat

Titania’s Future with 576 Participants

Using this system all the HoloMats are interlocked and can give each other corrective feedback.  The center HoloMat is interlocked with the Research, Law, Council of Servants, Security, Information Technology / Records, Member Services, Council of Servants and Education HoloMats.   These HoloMats are then interlocked with Money Business, Mission – Vision, Communications, and Web Interface HoloMats.  They are interlocked for example, because there are members in the education HoloMat are also members in the  Research, Law, Council of Servants and Money / Business HoloMats.

The Interlocking HoloMats, allows for each individual Octologue and HoloMats to give each other the corrective feedback they need to have the whole society functioning in a Thriving manner.

As Titania continues to grow, each one of these HoloMats will spin off more and more HoloMats.  By working in these non-hierarchical groups of 8 where a unanimous decision must be made for that group to take action.  This kind of group decision process , which was discovered by John David Garcia and Bob Podolsky, is now being taught in Arizona at the Creativity Enhancement MasterMind Group.  Come and be part of a Thriving Ethical Creative Society…Titania!

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  1. Hello Titanium,
    I would love t become involved if you are still in existence! Looking forward to hearing from you,

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