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Getting Rid of Hierarchy with Octologues and Holomat

Published on Dec 21, 2016

Anarchast Ep.324

Jeff Berwick interviews Acapulco Octologue members Michael Nimetz and Bob Podolsky, topics include: the importance of ethics and how it effects groups, maximizing creativity, truth, awareness and love, commitment to ethical purpose, freedom, hierarchy and human evolution, the founding of the Acapulco Octologue, a very efficient organizational structure, the Octologue as the core of a strong community, the elimination unethical decisions, scaling the octologue with ethical contracts, Holomats, self transformation, soul bonding workshops and ongoing training, dealing with conflict, NAP and the Octologue, Acapulco to be the hub for the octologue revolution, Anarchapulco 2017 ‘scholarships’, The Road to Acapulco podcast!

Physicist-Psychotherapist-Ethicist, Bob Podolsky


Bob Podolsky shares his many insights and experiences as a Physicist, Psychotherapist and now Ethicist, as it matter to personal relationships knowing how to make ethical decisions.

He elaborates on his definition of love, explains why academia is run by cartels, defines the 6 forms of therapy he identified as effective and explains his organizational structure with 20 plus years of research, that allows ethical decision making to scale to large organizations.

Learn more about Bob Podolsky’s work at https://www.titanians.org

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Jan 232016


by Bob Podolsky


A breaking scandal reported by USA TODAY reveals that the FBI ran a “dark web” child pornography website for 2 weeks last year, after taking over the server that hosted it from its original felonious owner. The ostensible purpose of this was to entrap the site’s users in order to charge them with possession of illegal downloaded content.

Child pornography is a highly charged emotional subject; so one can reasonably expect that the public reaction to this revelation will be the object of a great deal of irrational hyperbole promoted by the mainstream media and exploited by everyone with a political axe to grind.

Accordingly, it is important to acquire a dispassionate fact-based understanding of the issue, in the interest of minimizing unethical responses to the revelations of the USA TODAY (USAT) article. Hence this article.

Common Assumptions

Opinions concerning the USAT article and its implications will vary widely because its readers have widely varying assumptions about how the world works. The assumptions listed below illustrate this point, because some of them are true, some are not, and some are sometimes true and sometimes not.

  1. The making of child pornography invariably involves the sexual interaction of a child with an adult.

  2. Sexual interaction of an adult with a child may be physically damaging to the child.

  3. Sexual interaction of an adult with a child is emotionally damaging to the child.

  4. The child may or may not know, at the time, that what the adult is doing with them is emotionally damaging.

  5. The producers and directors of child pornography are “evil-doers”.

  6. The camera operators involved are “evil-doers”.

  7. Those who process the pornographic imagery are “evil-doers”.

  8. The adult porn actors are “evil-doers”.

  9. The parents of the children involved are “evil-doers”.

  10. Those who watch or observe such imagery are “evil-doers”.

  11. Those who distribute the imagery by various means are “evil- doers”.

  12. The children who are victims of child pornographers are further damaged whenever their images are observed.

  13. It is a proper role of government to identify, find, capture, and punish everyone involved in the child pornography industry.

  14. Laws against the production and distribution of child pornography protect the child victims by discouraging the public from buying the pornographic products.

  15. Punishing the customers of child porn reduces the number of customers.

  16. Reducing the number of customers, in turn, reduces the number of children being abused and exploited.

  17. Running a child porn website to ensnare child porn buyers and viewers is a legitimate strategy for protecting child porn victims from those who exploit them.

Child pornography is certainly a symptom of a serious societal problem, because the victims are seriously damaged…AND if one blindly accepts the above assumptions, the damage can be greatly amplified. In order to get to the bottom of the matter, we need to understand the ethical criteria for what constitutes an “evil-doer” and for the allocation of responsibility to those acting.

The Ethics of Responsibility

After thousands of years of philosophical discussion and debate, the most rationally and scientifically defensible definition of an ethical act is:

An act is ethical if it increases creativity, awareness, love, and/or objective truth for at least one person, including the person acting, without limiting or diminishing any of these resources for anyone.

Rationally we know that the responsibility for an act, be it unethical or not, is divided among all the people who took part in the causal chain of events leading up to the act. However, the one most responsible is the one who had the chronologically last opportunity to prevent the act from occurring. For this reason, despite “legal” opinions to the contrary, the hired assassin is more culpable than the individual who hired him (or her).

In the chain of events leading up to the production of a child porno photograph or video, it is the adult who engages the child sexually that is ultimately most responsible for the harm done to the child victim. The parents who fail to protect their child from such exploitation are arguably the next most responsible. Others involved in the child porn production are also acting unethically, though their participation in support of the crime is less unethical than the actual perpetrators – the adult actor who has sex with the child and the parent who fails to prevent the abuse. These two participants are those from whom the child actually needs protection.

The Objective View: Identifying the Hype

The above definition of an ethical act has a number of logical consequences that yield a dozen important principles that are very useful in applying the ethics to everyday decision-making. Chief among these is the principle that unethical means can never achieve ethical ends. Recognizing that this is so leads to the conclusion that Assumption #17 Running a child porn website to ensnare child porn buyers and viewers is a legitimate strategy for protecting child porn victims from those who exploit them, is FALSE. Therefore, assuming that selling child pornography is unethical, an ethical agency would never resort to doing so…for any reason.

Assumptions 14 through 16 are also false. We know this because they justify the prohibition of child porn, and we know from long experience that prohibition doesn’t diminish the demand for an illegal product, nor its availability. Alcohol, gambling, prostitution and drugs come to mind as obvious examples of prohibition failure.

Assumption 13, It is a proper role of government to identify, find, capture, and punish everyone involved in the child pornography industry. is also FALSE, because punishment of wrongdoers has proven totally ineffectual in curbing crime – especially when the crime is a form of prohibition violation. As an extreme example, consider the fact that drugs are widely available in prisons…where those convicted of selling drugs outside of prisons are routinely sent.

Consider the fact that every crime, as defined in law dictionaries, has a victim – someone who has been physically harmed or whose property rights have been violated. For this reason, Assumptions 10, 11, and 12 are also FALSE. The only victims of child pornography are the children, who are unaffected by strangers seeing their pictures. As much revulsion as most of us feel imagining an adult masturbating in front of a video screen depicting children being molested, the fact remains that the child sex actor shown on the screen is not aware of the event and is not harmed by it. Nor is it a proper function of government to protect us from such revulsion.

Assumptions 1 through 9 are also true, however the first four are qualitatively different than the next 5. The first four serve to simply define the crime that takes place in the production of child pornography…which is ultimately where the crime occurs. Assumptions 5 through 7 indicate the responsibility of the producers of the pornography; but 8 and 9 correctly identify the real culprits – the adult actors and the permissive or absent parents.


Back in the 60’s, in the Vietnam war era, Buffy Sainte-Marie wrote and performed a beautiful song called the the “Universal Soldier”, in which she aptly pointed out that the crime of war could not exist without the willingness of men (most of them practically children themselves) to travel half-way around the world to shoot strangers who had never wronged them.

Today the trigger-pulling soldiers, the bomb-dropping bombardiers, and the rocket-launching drone pilots bear the ultimate responsibility for the international murders we call war.

In similar fashion, it is the child-molesting porno-film actors and the victims’ parents, who abdicate their parental duties, who bear the lion’s share of responsibility for the harm done to children who are thus sexually exploited. While the porn producers and distributors bear some of the responsibility for the harm done to the child victims, the producers don’t usually molest the children personally, and the product distributor issues are just another form of prohibition. And we all know how well ‘The Drug War’ – “works”.

For the creation of an ethical society, free of such evils, it is necessary for a dramatic change to occur in human culture…a change that paves the way for our institutions to make consistently ethical decisions. Fortunately, the knowledge of how this will be accomplished already exists, and more and more people are catching on. For details read Ethics Law and Government and Ethical Organizational Development.

Aug 232013



San Diego, California, August 30th to September the 2nd –4th annual Libertopia Fest 2013 at the Town and Country Resort Hotel, located 500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108. Libertopia is a voluntary community, based on principles of Freedom, Peace, Honor, Responsibility, Respect and Spontaneous Order. Libertopia is a unique event that features an environment of actually living the freedom philosophy in ones daily life.

In conjunction with the spirit of Libertopia, of living the life you have always wanted, are 4 major freedom activists, who will be communicating the benefits of the Titania Project:

Foster Gamble, creator of the inspiring movie, Thrive and leader of the Thrive Movement – one of the most innovative strategies aimed at worldwide peace and prosperity,

Clyde Cleveland, author of Common Sense Revisited and Restoring the Heart of America, co-founder of the County Sheriff Project, and lifelong libertarian educator and activist – with a unique perspective on the role of politics in human history,

Michael Badnarik, author of Good to Be King and Secret to Sovereignty, Libertarian candidate for President in 2004, a renowned expert on constitutional law and individual sovereignty.  Michael knows intimately the obstacles to substantive change faced by today’s freedom activists.

Bob Podolsky, physicist / systems analyst, master psychotherapist, visionary and author of seven books on ethics law and government. Bob brings a SOLUTION based strategy for self-governance AND self awareness…Without Government! With 20 years of scientific research spanning 2,500 years of historical evidence.

Of the many excellent participants slated to appear at this year’s event, the four above are embracing a new approach to solving the problems created by our coercive institutions (BORG). They will also present evidence that this integrated approach is optimal for maximizing the probability of the movement’s success.

Humanity’s BIG PROBLEM is simply our societal institutions consistently making unethical decisions. All the other problems our species faces are simply symptoms of this one pivotal challenge. To cure the symptoms of war, hunger, poverty, financial slavery, police brutality, government corruption, the war on drugs, GMO foods, chemtrail deployments, gun confiscation, asset forfeiture, media collusion – or any other manifestation of treasonous violence inflicted on the public under color of law, we need only create ethical institutions.

Come to Libertopia to learn what some of the brightest minds in the freedom movement are doing to bring this about.

Start taking effective action to establish an ethical, creative, loving, grassroots-based culture that leads directly to a world of peace and prosperity. The answers you’ve been looking for are available NOW. Stop wasting time hacking at the branches of the tree of tyranny and start attacking tyranny at the root, where it really counts. See you at Libertopia! Roll the Bones!



May 312013

Bob Podolsky worked with John David Garcia to create a highly ethical and creative organizations in groups of 8 known as the Octologue. It is necessary for people to have Freedom in a society… but it is NOT sufficient! More than 30 years ago Bob started asking himself what would be required for humanity to THRIVE?

Freedom is like health, when you have it you don’t notice it. However when you don’t have health you notice it. Today we have the Freedom Movement because we are hurting. People are being deprived of their freedoms every day! Without freedom we are going to become extinct. Some of the issues include: Fair Elections, Freedom from bad laws like NDAA, patriot act, Freedom from taxes, taxation is a from of theft. Freedom From Martial Law. Freedom from TSA. Freedom to consume whatever you want. Freedom from GMO’s.

The Big Problem is the unethical decisions that our organizations make. Can this be corrected? The answer is yes!

Apr 212013

Bob Podolsky on Psychological Therapy

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy is what most people think of in terms of psychological therapy it is what is primarily taught in schools and is the least effective because it does not work with the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is were all the major decisions are made, then the conscious mind rationalizes them.

The psychology profession is a cartel and as such despises alternative methods which may be more effective.  A cartel is a shared monopoly that is used to control an industry for the perceived intention of “protecting the public”, however the true function is to protecting the members of the cartel from competition and to expand governments power.

Gestalt Therapy

The first type of alternative therapy is known as Gestalt therapy which was invented by Fritz Pearls.  He found a way to have the client to learn more and more about themselves on a deep emotional way.  For the client it can be ordeal, however ancient memories can be recovered.  Bob for example recalls vividly being born and being circumcised.  His memory is stacks up to the actual events.  It was awful because an infant does not localize pain.  For an infant a scratch on the arm is felt throughout the entire body!

Bio-Energetic Therapy

Bio-Energetic Therapy is based on the premise that the body is a manifestation of energy and a flow of energy in the body.  This can be seen in how someone caries their body.  Bio-energetic therapy was developed by Alexander Lowen who was a student of Wilhem Reich who was a student of Sigmund Freud.

Characterology is the study of what we do to ourselves to keep us from knowing who we are.  Most if not all of us as children are subjected to stresses and trauma in most cases by our unwitting parents.  This is known as character structure.  In the time of Freud it was assumed this could not be changed however with various exercises they can be lifted like layers of an onion.

Strategic Therapy

Strategic Therapy is based on the therapeutic double bind and invented by Jay Haley.  For example suppose an overweight client comes in and  wants to lose weight.  I would recommend the client GAIN 3 pounds.  The client objects and say I want to loose weight not gain it.  You want to work with me? You need to gain 3 pounds. The client can either obey or disobey.  If the client obeys then I can then have them obey and loose weight or they can disobey me and loose weight.


Neuro Linguistic Programing or NLP, Bob was first introduced to NLP by Tony Robbins before he was famous.  NLP was invented by John Grinder and Richard Bandler.  Behavior is wired into us and works on the subconscious.  This was developed by studying the work of Virginia Satir, Fritz Pearls and Milton Erickson.  NLP is how the frontal cortex interprets reality through the senses of Visual Auditory and Kinestetic or VAK.  The frontal cortex builds a map of what it has interpreted reality to be, however the map is NOT the territory!

Ericksonian Hypnosis

Ericksonian Hypnosis developed by Milton Erickson, is an ideal way to interface directly with the subconscious mind.

characteristic of a good therapist

The number 1 characteristic of a good therapist is one who has extensive therapy on themselves.  In order for a therapist to take you to a place you have never been to it is important for them to have gone to all the dark places first.

Apr 212013

Bob Podolsky

Physicist, Psychotherapist, and Author Bob Podolsky  takes his experience from his psychotherapy practice and combines it with his experience from his physics and systems analysis career to understand what would have to change in order for humanity to thrive.

It turns out their is a root cause of most of the problems in the human condition! We have been taught to believe there are a great deal of the problems in the world like war, slavery, taxation, crime, pollution.   It turns out these are simply symptoms of the problem.  The real problem is Hierarchies.  There is an alternative that was developed by Bob and John David Garcia. The system combines ethics and unanimous agreement between the participants to increase creativity.  Unless humanity makes substantive changes to the way we organize as humans we are doomed to extinction!



About Bob Podolsky

  • My life is primarily driven by curiosity. At the age of five I got hold of my parents’ alarm clock and took it apart because I wanted to see how it worked. (Oooops!) My folks weren’t happy about this, but my father, a famous physicist (Boris Podolsky), understood my urge to know how the world works and encouraged me in this ever after.BOB AT HOME
  • My father Boris, also taught me, at an early age, the basic principles of science and the scientific method  which exist only to distinguish true information from false information  so I became a devotee of truth, and remain so to this day.
  • As a student I followed in my father’s footsteps by studying math and physics in high school, Williams College, the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, the University of Hawaii (where I received a National Science Foundation Fellowship for research in quantum electrodynamics), and Harvard.  I have a Master’s degree in theoretical physics,In 1962, then a graduate student,  I had the honor of meeting some of the world’s top physicists at the conference depicted below. Can you spot me in the picture?

QM Conference Attendees Picture

Top Row: Jack Rivers, Harold Glaser, Eugen Merzbacher, John B. Hart, Jack A. Soules, Eugene Guth, Abner Shimony, Robert Podolsky, Austin Towle Middle row: Willian Band, Gideon Carmi, Solomon L Schwebel, Dieter Brill, O.von Roos, Michael M. Yanasee, S.J. Bottom Row: Eugene P. Wigner, Nathan Rosen, Paul A. M.  Dirac, Boris Podolsky, Yakir Aharonov, Wendell H. Furry. Not Pictured : Fredrick G. Werner and Kaiser S. Kunz

Physics / Systems Analysis Career

After receiving a masters degree in physics from Xavier university, I attended the University of Hawaii, and Harvard. I spent ten years doing mathematical physics and systems analysis in industry and government. I came up with all kinds of solutions for this and that and the other thing.  As a result of my experience in Systems Analysis I enjoyed looking at the big picture. I got bored with working for know-nothings in bureaucratic environments.

I worked in industry (Avco, GE, Bendix) and in the Civil Service (USAF Avionics Lab and Coast Guard HQ) performing mathematical modeling of complex physical systems, such as atomic reactors, guided missiles, electron microscope lenses, external combustion engines, and the like.

After ten years of this work, I tired of the “Dilbert” lifestyle and its bureaucratic environment; so I got trained in various methods and techniques of psychotherapy and operated a private practice in this field for some twenty-five years.

Psychotherapy Career

I got involved with therapy as a therapist because therapy had personally made great improvements in my own life.  I received thousands of hours of training in Gestalt Therapy, Bioenergetic Therapy, Strategic Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Ericksonian Hypnosis. My trainers were some of the best in the world in these fields – especially, Jim Cox, Ilana Rubinfeld, John Grinder, and Jeff Zeig.

I then spent twenty-five years doing psychotherapy in private practice – during which time I taught myself to apply these methods simultaneously. When I worked for the VA Vet Center in Oregon, my case load was comprised of the toughest cases.  One client came to me with a gun in his belt and said, “I’m going to kill someone today – maybe you – maybe myself – maybe both”.   He never did and I was the only therapist at the center who never lost a patient to suicide.  I have extensive training in PTSD.

Not only did I have the pleasure, for the first time in my life, of seeing other people’s lives improve dramatically through my personal efforts; but I also managed to do this without supporting the cartels that have since dominated the psychiatric, psychological, social work, and counseling fields – so I was able to practice the most effective methods of doing therapy without yielding to the prohibitions imposed upon members of these self-serving cartels – whose members don’t know these methods, can’t apply them, and don’t control them financially.

Author Career

By 1992 I had begun writing articles, and subsequently books, about ethics, law, and government. My research in the intervening years showed me unequivocally that the institutions that we usually look to, to solve societal problems, were actually the cause of all the major problems that our species faces. After the work I had done analyzing physical systems, the analysis of societal systems turned out to be a very simple matter. The three big offenders in this respect turn out to be Big Business (especially Big Banking Business), Organized Religion, and Government. Borrowing an idea from Star Trek, I have coined the phrase B.O.R.G when referencing these three institutions collectively.  To date I’ve written seven books about the B.O.R.G. problem and what can be done about it. Two of these (self-published) books are in print, and two more are ready for publication at any time.

My Mentors:

Boris Podolsky

Boris Podolsky

Boris Podolsky

My father was Boris Podolsky, the physicist who achieved considerable notice for the work he did with Albert Einstein in 1935 for his work on the EPR Paradox.  But Einstein didn’t like the idea that the momentum of a particle, if its position was known, was completely unknowable – random. In 1935 he got together with two other physicists, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen, and wrote a famous paper entitled Can Quantum-Mechanical Description of Physical Reality be Considered Complete? We now refer to it as simply the EPR Paradox. It was the first paper to predict what has come to be called “quantum entanglement”.

Of Boris, Einstein once said, “Podolsky goes directly to the heart of the problem”. Boris was also a brilliant teacher. So I was very early-on introduced to the scientific method, logic, and the operational point of view, the philosophical cornerstones of science.

John Grinder

John Grinder

John Grinder

One of the most profound learning experiences in my background was the six month training I did with John Grinder, the co-inventor of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). At the time, I had already been using NLP for about a year – so I was well prepared to integrate into my therapeutic repertoire many of the fine points of Grinder’s technology. As a result my entire understanding of the human condition acquired a powerful new perspective that serves me well today.

John David Garcia

John David Garcia

John David Garcia

In 1984 I met John David Garcia, the brilliant author of “Creative Transformation” and remained friends with him until his death in 2001. Under John David’s tutelage I came to understand and value the field of ethics that I had scorned as a young man. I have since seen it as the most important field that anyone can master; because, through the lens of ethics, one can make vastly better decisions than one can by any other means.

At the time I met John David, he was performing frequent experiments to increase the creativity of people working in groups. I participated in a number of these experiments and was able to make some substantive contributions to the methodology that resulted.

As a direct result of my work with John David, I am the  Founding member of Titania, a non hierarchical society dedicated to peace, love and truth; through ethics and creativity and utilizing the organizational principles that I learned from him. This methodology is the only one I have found that has the potential to provide a fundamentally “grass roots” driven ethical society. Humanity must make this fundamental change to an ethical society, else humanity will find itself extinct, no matter what political leaders are “elected” or -isms are followed.  The Titanians.org website and our Creativity Enhancement Mastermind Group, located in Mesa Arizona, is the cutting edge in spreading the word.  I am looking forward to connecting with you in the real world (five-six-one-five-four-two-fifty-eight-hundred) or online b-o-r-i-s-h-e-i-r-at-y-a-h-o-o.com


Apr 022013

Bob Podolsky on Declare your Independence

Robert Podolsky, is the son of famous physicist Boris Podolsky.

Podolsky who was a key in formulating the Einstein – Podolsky – Rosen (EPR) paper on quantum entanglement. Bob is promoting the Titania Project; self-organizing networks of humans which would displace hierarchical government, i.e. anarchy but not chaos.

2013-02-06 Hour 3 Robert Podolsky from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Mar 112013

Robert Podolsky- 9/11 Explosive Evidence – Experts speak out

Mr. Podolsky explains how the Official Fire Story violates the Laws of Thermodynamics.

This interview is some raw footage of one of the world class experts appearing in architects and engineer’s upcoming hard hitting documentary “9/11:Explosive Evidence – Experts speak out”

Source (thx): http://www.youtube.com/user/ae911truth