Mar 042013

Physicist, psychotherapist, Author and Founder of Titania is Bob Podolsky. Titania is an ethical, non-hierarchical and highly creative organization.  In order to be non-bureaucratic, all Titania members agree to making ethical decisions and all group decisions must be unanimous, just like a jury.  Bob Podolsky’s work is based on the collaboration he did with the late John David Garcia and his study on Ethics and Creativity. This was discovery was made through the scientific method and thousands of experiments to find out what allows groups of people to be most creative.

It turns out you can increase a persons Creativity by first increasing their Ethics then increasing Intelligence.  This is shown in the formula I=E*C. By teaching them the value of being ethical, we can help people to be more creative faster. Then having them form into groups of 8 people: 4 men and 4 women, known as an Octologue.

How did government develop into Power Brokerage Cartels?


Bob Podolsky is interviewed on Free Talk Live.  Bob Talks about what is a cartel and what the government is: a huge power brokerage cartel.  Or in other words a shared monopoly.  How and why did governments develop?  Why do we tolerate government?  Fear of government and fear of Chaos.  The only thing government provides is a form of organization.  The type of organization it provides is a hierarchy!

In a hierarchy command flows down and hopefully feedback flows up. The problem with hierarchy is it invariably creates bureaucracy.  Bureaucracy is the systematic elimination, destruction or avoidance of corrective feedback. So if an organization destroys corrective feedback, then the head will not know what the hands and feet have done and makes a lot of mistakes. When the lack of the feedback relates to the ethics of what the organization has done, that organizations will do a lot of evil!