Titanian Code of Honor


Titanian Code of Ethics,

also known as the

Titanian Code of Honor,

is a set of four simple affirmations containing the most prominent logical consequences of the Titanian Ethic. These affirmations and a brief explanation of each are shown below. I strongly suggest that you learn and honor this code.

  • We do no harm.
  • We do good at every opportunity.
  • The CODE always applies – no exceptions
  • Everyone knows the CODE.
  • An act is good if it increases creativity, or any of its logical equivalents, for at least one person, including the person acting, without limiting or diminishing creativity for anyone.
  • Logical equivalents of creativity include: love, awareness, evolution, the availability of objectively true information to ethical persons, and possibly many other resources.
  • A second set of creativity-enhancing resources are sometimes necessary, often helpful, and never sufficient, for the maximization of creativity; however they are not logical equivalents of creativity and their maximization in lieu of creativity can result in unethical outcomes. These resources include, but are not limited to: freedom, privacy, honesty, empathy, conscience, energy, wealth, profit, and even happiness.

EXPLANATIONS: Logical Consequences of the Above Definitions

  • We never attempt to achieve ethical ends by unethical means.
  • We never lie – except in self-defense, in which case lying may be mandatory.
  • We never coerce – except in self-defense.
  • We never steal, destroy, limit, or diminish anyone’s physical, tangible, mental, intellectual, temporal, or emotional resources.
  • We never invade another’s privacy.
  • We never excuse our own ethical lapses.
  • We never destroy, limit, or avoid corrective feedback.
  • We never attempt to delegate authority that we do not possess as individuals.
  • We never employ “majority rule”.
  • We never perform (act) as a group in a way that would be unethical if performed by an individual.
  • We never support, nurture, or augment the abilities of anyone whose actions are predatory, parasitic, or generally unethical. Nor do we permit such acts when presented with a choice in the matter.
  • We never obey rules/”laws” that forbid ethical behavior or require unethical behavior.
  • We always seek to maximize creativity, love, awareness, personal evolution, and their logical equivalents above all else and at every opportunity.
  • We commit to those actions which fulfill this mission.
  • We commit to using only those means which are ethical ends in themselves.
  • At every opportunity we help and augment the freedom, independence, autonomy, privacy, knowledge, courage, and other creativity-enhancing resources of those whom we trust to act in accordance with the CODE.
  • We ask for and accept the help of others.
  • We ask for and accept the corrective feedback available from others.
  • We offer our own corrective feedback to others, especially where ethical decision-making is concerned.
  • We augment one another’s strengths and compensate for one another’s weaknesses.
  • We maintain security and confidentiality.
  • We celebrate all individual and group success.
  • We share expenses and profits as agreed.
  • We are paid for our creativity and productivity – not for our time.

We Do No “Harm”

We Consistently Do “Good”

The Code Of Ethics Applies At All Times – Not Just When It Is Easy Or Convenient.

All Titanians Know The Titanian Code Of Ethics – Now you do too.

For a more formal explanation of the Ethics – one that can be incorporated into an organizations bylaws – let’s look at the Bill of Ethics.