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Getting Rid of Hierarchy with Octologues and Holomat

Published on Dec 21, 2016

Anarchast Ep.324

Jeff Berwick interviews Acapulco Octologue members Michael Nimetz and Bob Podolsky, topics include: the importance of ethics and how it effects groups, maximizing creativity, truth, awareness and love, commitment to ethical purpose, freedom, hierarchy and human evolution, the founding of the Acapulco Octologue, a very efficient organizational structure, the Octologue as the core of a strong community, the elimination unethical decisions, scaling the octologue with ethical contracts, Holomats, self transformation, soul bonding workshops and ongoing training, dealing with conflict, NAP and the Octologue, Acapulco to be the hub for the octologue revolution, Anarchapulco 2017 ‘scholarships’, The Road to Acapulco podcast!

Apr 052017

Bob Podoloksy on Maximizing Peace and Prosperity Through Truth and Creativity

Bob Podolksy is the son of well-known physicist Boris Podolsky who along with Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen wrote a paper on Action at a distance in 1935. Bob talks about Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom via maximizing Truth, Awareness, Love, and Creativity (TALC). Bobs talk is about ways of getting to peace, the importance of organization, entropy vs evolution, and dimensional quadrature.




Artificial Intelligence

Birth of AI

By Bob Podolsky


It is commonly agreed by today’s scientists that computer technology will soon be sufficiently advanced to create machines that actually think or act autonomously – much the way humans do. Such machines are referred to in the literature as “Artificial Intelligence”, or AI for short.

As that time approaches, many scientists are becoming increasingly concerned that intelligent machines might be hostile to humans – or outright dangerous. The “Terminator” and “Matrix” movie series are fictional depictions of this risk, which renowned scientist Stephen Hawking, for example, takes seriously.

Assuming that the risk is real, which seems a reasonable starting point for this discussion, the question becomes, “how can the risk be ameliorated – or better still, eliminated”?

Two approaches have been suggested by Elon Musk and others from the Future of Life Institute:

  1. Design AI machines that are inherently safe, as outlined by Isaac Asimov in 1946,

  2. Somehow solve the problem through the application of ethics.

In the paragraphs below, I intend to demonstrate the reasoning by which I’ve come to the following conclusions:

  • For humans to live safely together with intelligent machines, the machines must be taught a suitable ethic via approach #1.

  • It is too late in the AI development cycle for the first approach to succeed, because machines are already being programmed with lethal capabilities.

  • The 2nd approach could succeed in principle, but for it to do so it will be necessary for humans, as a species, to learn to live safely and peacefully together with one another.

  • Living safely and peacefully with one another is a highly-valued outcome with or without intelligent machines. An ethical means of doing this exists, but is not yet widely known.

  • The most useful mind set in analyzing the problem is to regard self- aware intelligent machines as we would alien visitors from another star system.

Some Basics

To start, let’s examine the word, “intelligence”. As a behavioral descriptor the word is best defined as the ability to predict and control events in the real world. This is not (quite) the meaning of the word when used in the phrase “Artificial Intelligence”, in which context the word means a thing or being that exhibits such ability.

With this definition in mind, we recall that every intelligence must have certain components and properties:

  • Input devices – eyes, ears, sensory nerves, etc. – by which the intelligence can acquire information.

  • A means of storing, indexing, and retrieving acquired information.

  • An external communication means – display screen, printer, voice, etc.

  • One or more effectors – the hands and feet that can act on the environment.

  • A logic or reasoning function – brain

  • A purpose enabler or motivating component – a will.

  • Internal communicators that tie all the other components together.

As defined above, an intelligence is a being (of sorts), but not necessarily a conscious intelligence. It becomes conscious when it becomes aware of being aware. By my reckoning, beings having this capacity should be regarded as people, and treated accordingly – because they have enough awareness to learn to make ethical discernments. At this point too, it behooves us to acknowledge the being’s self-ownership – exactly as we would an adolescent human. Failing in this, our sentient robots become a race of slaves.

This might be a good time to note that “artificial intelligence” is a misnomer. A more accurate term would be “synthetic intelligence” or “non-human intelligence”. This is where the comparison with space-faring aliens becomes apt. We wouldn’t regard such beings as “things” just because their bodies were chemically different than our own. Any species sufficiently advanced to achieve interstellar travel must have long since stopped wasting its precious resources on wars and destruction – and would likely view humans, therefore, much as we might view the great apes: the phrase “promising but inferior” comes to mind. Though as far as I know the apes don’t make war on one another.

About the Ethics

As explained at some length in the article linked above, some ethics are valid and some are not. However, every valid ethic contains a non-aggression principle in one form or another: a statement that the initiation of force, or its threat, is unethical. The use of force is only ethical in (true) self-defense – and then only to the extent required to stop an unethical act of aggression.

By the definition above, most of the activities of the US military are unethical acts of aggression. Certainly attacking a wedding or funeral party in Afghanistan with a drone controlled from half way around the world is NOT an act of self defense. Nor is the concept of “acceptable collateral damage” an ethically defensible policy.

It is already a fact that the military is developing robots with lethal capabilities. Should those robots become autonomous (self-aware and self-programming) – or fall under the control of a computer having such properties – then we’ll have all the makings of a “Skynet” event.


The idea of programming self-aware robots with a prime directive that forbids them to harm humans is attractive – in principle. But succeeding at that task is to program a basic principle that we have yet to program in ourselves. Is that even remotely possible?

Add to that the additional complexity of teaching a robot to distinguish friend from foe, and the success of the task becomes highly improbable. What is more, if one could program a robot to act ethically, it would never agree to kill people overseas to begin with. Face it! War as we know it is unethical.

In fact, almost all of our societal institutions consistently make highly unethical decisions. So why would we expect the sentient robots we create to act more ethically than we do?

Is There a Solution?

Yes, there is an answer – but the window of opportunity to apply it is closing even now. To live at peace with non-human intelligences we must learn to live at peace with one another. It’s that simple (but not easy).

If we have the will to do so, here are the steps:

  1. Replace hierarchies everywhere with HoloMats of Octologues.

  2. Adopt the Bill of Ethics as the basic ethical standard everywhere.

  3. Let the existing system die of attrition, as more and more people migrate to the new system and cease supporting the old one.

For this solution to succeed, a massive promotional effort is required starting immediately. The public must learn of the new system, recognize its benefits, and adopt it. Failing in this, we will shortly be looking at a new “dark age” – or worse.

On the other hand, if the above steps are taken successfully, we could see the beginning of a new age of peace, prosperity, creativity, and love, on a scale heretofore unimaginable.

Aug 232013



San Diego, California, August 30th to September the 2nd –4th annual Libertopia Fest 2013 at the Town and Country Resort Hotel, located 500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108. Libertopia is a voluntary community, based on principles of Freedom, Peace, Honor, Responsibility, Respect and Spontaneous Order. Libertopia is a unique event that features an environment of actually living the freedom philosophy in ones daily life.

In conjunction with the spirit of Libertopia, of living the life you have always wanted, are 4 major freedom activists, who will be communicating the benefits of the Titania Project:

Foster Gamble, creator of the inspiring movie, Thrive and leader of the Thrive Movement – one of the most innovative strategies aimed at worldwide peace and prosperity,

Clyde Cleveland, author of Common Sense Revisited and Restoring the Heart of America, co-founder of the County Sheriff Project, and lifelong libertarian educator and activist – with a unique perspective on the role of politics in human history,

Michael Badnarik, author of Good to Be King and Secret to Sovereignty, Libertarian candidate for President in 2004, a renowned expert on constitutional law and individual sovereignty.  Michael knows intimately the obstacles to substantive change faced by today’s freedom activists.

Bob Podolsky, physicist / systems analyst, master psychotherapist, visionary and author of seven books on ethics law and government. Bob brings a SOLUTION based strategy for self-governance AND self awareness…Without Government! With 20 years of scientific research spanning 2,500 years of historical evidence.

Of the many excellent participants slated to appear at this year’s event, the four above are embracing a new approach to solving the problems created by our coercive institutions (BORG). They will also present evidence that this integrated approach is optimal for maximizing the probability of the movement’s success.

Humanity’s BIG PROBLEM is simply our societal institutions consistently making unethical decisions. All the other problems our species faces are simply symptoms of this one pivotal challenge. To cure the symptoms of war, hunger, poverty, financial slavery, police brutality, government corruption, the war on drugs, GMO foods, chemtrail deployments, gun confiscation, asset forfeiture, media collusion – or any other manifestation of treasonous violence inflicted on the public under color of law, we need only create ethical institutions.

Come to Libertopia to learn what some of the brightest minds in the freedom movement are doing to bring this about.

Start taking effective action to establish an ethical, creative, loving, grassroots-based culture that leads directly to a world of peace and prosperity. The answers you’ve been looking for are available NOW. Stop wasting time hacking at the branches of the tree of tyranny and start attacking tyranny at the root, where it really counts. See you at Libertopia! Roll the Bones!



Apr 212013

Bob Podolsky

Physicist, Psychotherapist, and Author Bob Podolsky  takes his experience from his psychotherapy practice and combines it with his experience from his physics and systems analysis career to understand what would have to change in order for humanity to thrive.

It turns out their is a root cause of most of the problems in the human condition! We have been taught to believe there are a great deal of the problems in the world like war, slavery, taxation, crime, pollution.   It turns out these are simply symptoms of the problem.  The real problem is Hierarchies.  There is an alternative that was developed by Bob and John David Garcia. The system combines ethics and unanimous agreement between the participants to increase creativity.  Unless humanity makes substantive changes to the way we organize as humans we are doomed to extinction!

Mar 042013

Physicist, psychotherapist, Author and Founder of Titania is Bob Podolsky. Titania is an ethical, non-hierarchical and highly creative organization.  In order to be non-bureaucratic, all Titania members agree to making ethical decisions and all group decisions must be unanimous, just like a jury.  Bob Podolsky’s work is based on the collaboration he did with the late John David Garcia and his study on Ethics and Creativity. This was discovery was made through the scientific method and thousands of experiments to find out what allows groups of people to be most creative.

It turns out you can increase a persons Creativity by first increasing their Ethics then increasing Intelligence.  This is shown in the formula I=E*C. By teaching them the value of being ethical, we can help people to be more creative faster. Then having them form into groups of 8 people: 4 men and 4 women, known as an Octologue.

Gaia’s Dream



An Excerpt from Make It So!

By Robert Podolsky

The planet’s biosphere is alive; or so say our modern experts; it’s a living entity.  The planet itself may be part of that entity.  Together they demonstrate many of the properties of other living beings.  We call the Living Earth “Gaia” after the mythical Earth Goddess.  But it seems to me that if the planet is alive and aware (and I tend to agree she is) she is surely aware the way a person sleeping is aware.  Like the sleeper, Gaia stirs, reacts to certain stimuli, adjusts her metabolism to deal with our changes in her chemistry, and perhaps…she dreams.

In their Midéwiwin medicine rituals the Ojibwas say, “The circle of the earth is the head of a great drum.  It moves upward with the day…booming.  It moves downward with the night…booming.  We are but particles of dust as we dance upon the drumhead.  Some of us move upward with the day…booming.  Some of us move downward with the night…booming.  Only those who dream of leaping to the stars from the head of the great drum attain the grand medicine of the Midéwiwin[1].   Only those who dream…

If Gaia dreams, where are those dreams?  Are they in the stone beneath us; in the bones of the earth?  Are they in the oceans, our “Googol-Great Grandmother”?  Are they in the genes of the planet’s flora and fauna?  Are they holograms in the planet’s magnetic field?  Are they ripples in a holographic universe?  Pondering these and related questions we amuse ourselves; we doze; we imagine ourselves as Gaia, somnolent and fecund.  Our vision attenuates, wavers, and re-clears.  We hear our heartbeat; then we hear many heartbeats; then the beat of many hearts, the sound of a great drum.  Our breath becomes the tide; our aura, the Milky Way.  Our vision seems unlimited in dimensions we’ve never seen before.  Time fragments; Causality is suspended; and suddenly our bodies are everywhere at once…and nowhere too.

Have you ever noticed how it feels to dream?  The dream seems to take over, as if it had a life of its own.  Is it obvious that the self we dream isn’t the dreamer?  The self we experience in a dream has been dreamed by someone, but by whom?  I have often wondered this.  At last as I contact Gaia I know the answer: I am Gaia’s dream…and so are you.

Now I have Lucid Dreams; wherein I know I am dreaming, yet continue to dream.  Such is life.  Such is reality.  During a lucid dream we can choose reality and experience many things otherwise unavailable to us.  We can peek over the event horizon.  It is a highly creative state, where we have the power to forge a new reality, a better future for Gaia.

You can follow along with me now; for as I am Gaia…so are you.  We dream together whether we choose to or not.  Either we do it outside of consciousness, as in a conventional dream; or we can choose to do it lucidly, in full awareness.  If we dream together lucidly we can raise Gaia’s level of awareness to that of consciousness.  And finally we can dream Gaia fully conscious and aware of her own awareness.  Then we merge with God and all things are possible.

The fabric of Gaia’s dreams is the fabric of all dreams, including yours and mine.  To dream of a better world, a better humanity, a better social structure is to permit Gaia to dream with greater awareness.  Perhaps she dreams of being awake, conscious, fully aware.  What does she dream?

We know what she dreams.  She dreams our reality.  She dreams our deepest fears and our highest aspirations.   She sees a world of possibilities and we choose between the reality of hope and the realities of fear, despite, and despair.  Dream with me now a world of peace, harmony, and love

In Gaia’s shadow the winds of Time are stilled; Causality is unnecessary; and Einstein slumbers.  We can set aside our doubts for now; we will need them later.

The year is 511 BOE, Bill Of Ethics, which corresponds to 2,506 AD by the old calendar.  On “Spaceship Earth”[2] much has changed over the past five hundred years.  The air and water are clean…as pure as they were 1,000 years before.  The forests have expanded their boundaries.  Once again the wildlife thrives in every corner of the world.  All species are safe from Mankind’s earlier depredations.

Looking closer we see that humanity numbers only 1.0 billion souls, a light burden for the planet to support.  The population level is stable; and humanity is healthy and long-lived.  A life expectancy of 200 years is typical.  Soon that number will rise even higher as one by one the debilitating diseases of aging are conquered.  As the human life-span expands the birth rate diminishes so that the population remains stable, in keeping with a long-term plan.

There is no War on this planet; no hostile factions eager for one another’s demise; no inter-racial, intercultural, inter-religious, international conflict that isn’t settled peacefully and to mutual satisfaction.  Racism, Sexism, Religionism, Nationalism, and all the other “isms” that used to foster hatred and despite are now things of the past.

The interpersonal communications know-how and the values and beliefs that make peace possible are learned in our workplaces, in our homes, in our spiritual institutions, and in our schools; and life is sweet for our children.  Today the primary focus of early education is making sure that every child has a place in our society; that no one feels left out…alienated. Because of this culture, education is at last in its ascendancy.  Our education is “student-centered”, existing for the benefit of the student rather than for the purposes of prospective employers or other institutional beneficiaries.   No one lacks this resource and therefore human society is universally supportive of lifelong learning by all people.  More than half of all education takes place outside the classroom in the homes and businesses of participating members of the community.  The community has thus become the extended family of every child.  No child feels alone or unwanted for more than a few minutes and every child has loving adults to turn to for support at any time of the day or night.  This fact alone has profoundly altered the course of human history.

People travel freely everywhere on the planet and off without concern for national boundaries, which are today as transparent as state boundaries were in the United States of 500 years ago.  No one is embargoed. There are no tariffs on trade.  All commerce is conducted freely and without protectionist restraints.

There is no Poverty on this planet that is not self-imposed.  All persons have economic opportunities sufficient to ensure their prosperity if they choose to avail themselves thereof.  There is also no “financial slavery” that was once so commonly imposed on the majority by the wealthy few who owned the megalithic corporations of the early 21st century.  Today’s business entities are comprised of very small groups of individuals; rarely numbering more than eight.  Decisions within such groups are always made unanimously using consensus formation methods that have been taught publicly since 2004.

When a big project is embarked upon, many such “Octologues” band together contractually  as a HoloMat to cooperate in accomplishing the project.  This way it is rare that an enterprise, once mature, isn’t owned and managed by those whose creativity and productivity are the source of the organization’s wealth.  For this reason largely, bureaucracy, that is the systematic elimination of corrective feedback within an organization, has been all but eliminated; and a host of other ills eradicated along with it.

There is little drudgery in the world.  When asked, people explain that their chosen work gives meaning to their lives.  It is at the same time financially rewarding and emotionally fulfilling.

Crime is almost non-existent since there is such a wide range of financial opportunity available to everyone; and everyone has better things to do with their time.

And what is more, the meaning of “crime” has changed as the meaning of “law” has evolved; and this in turn has resulted from a profound change in the nature and function of “government”.

Today’s governments bear little resemblance to those of five hundred years ago.  Today “government” means “consensus”, an activity in which almost all people participate actively and which is universally trusted as benign and supportive.  Only those who seek to injure, control, or exploit others have anything to fear from government today; as government takes nothing away from the individual against their will and safeguards the rights of all citizens.   In exchange for this extraordinary service the citizens of the world have taken on the responsibilities of self-determination, initiative, and enterprise which former governments have (but no longer) sought to usurp in order to control and exploit their own citizenry.

Seven hundred and twenty five years ago a creative and well-meaning group of individuals dreamed of a society in which government was, “…of the people, for the people, and by the people.”  In hopes of achieving this end they had fought a bloody revolution and won their independence from a tyrannical monarchy.  Then they established a constitution and amended it with a Bill of Rights.  The resulting societal experiment was glorious…but badly flawed.

So, five hundred years ago a new experiment was begun… with a Bloodless Revolution.  Having learned many lessons from the first experiment, this one was substantially less flawed.

As we waken from this dream its power and memory persist; and we realize we are living in a special era of time, an era of catalytic change.  Humanity’s current way of life is not sustainable.  It will either lead to human extinction or to massive change in our social fabric…or both.   I vote for massive positive change.   To that end I dedicate my life to the Bloodless Revolution, which is already beginning.  The foundation stones of a viable plan have already been drafted.  A “mastermind group” (á la Napoleon Hill) is already being recruited.  The past will not be the future.

To realize any great dream it is necessary to have a sensory-based definition of the dream’s eventual outcome.  In other words we have to know what we will see, hear, and experience when we have succeeded.  The forgoing pages are, for me, the beginnings of such a definition.  But there is one subtler criterion that I think must apply.  When Gaia’s Dream is truly an emerging reality, the decisions that humans make collectively, whether in small groups or large, must be generally recognizable as wiser and more ethical than any decision that could be made alone by any member of that group.  When this is the prevailing truth we will know that Gaia herself is a participant in the decision making process.

Meanwhile, aspiring to realize this dream, we have to face a really BIG PROBLEM.

[1] This quote is taken from a Midéwiwin ceremonial reenactment witnessed by the author in 1950 at a camp on the Canadian border of Minnesota.  It was led by the late Bernard Mason, who was an eminent scholar of Native American lore in his day.

[2] The term “spaceship earth” is borrowed from the writings of the late Buckminster Fuller, who used it to describe humanity’s dependence on the planetary environment




There are many ways to participate in the Titanian Ethical revolution to create the world we wish to manifest. An ethical society with a just, verdant, and peaceful social order.  The time to manifest this now! The way to manifest that into being is to get committed! Commitment involves ACTION.  Start by making a comment, and posting to your social network.  Read through this website and offer feedback to the author Bob Podolsky. Buy the first book “The BORG Wars, humanity what went wrong”. Sign up for octologue training!

Currently Available Participation Modes

A. Be an Observer – Visit our Creativity Enhancement Mastermind Group. We’ll keep you up to date with Titania’s activities.

B. Be a MemberBuy a book!

 Become a Titanian Citizen – an Ethics expert who knows how to form and run Octologues and structure and utilize HoloMats. You can use these skills in business and other organizational settings. Qualifiers take the three-day Titanian Citizenship Seminar. With this experience you could:

1. Start a business for any ethical purpose.
 Start a business that supports the Titanian Mission.
 Restructure a law firm.
 Reorganize a union.
 Open a school.
 Start a charity for some ethical purpose.
 Fundraise for charities
 Consult for an industry.

E.Become a Titanian Mentor – a Citizen who is trained in presenting and teaching the Citizenship Seminar. Actively supports and helps lower level participants. Permitted to consult under aegis of Titania and use the Titania name in marketing. Qualified Citizens take the five-day Titanian Mentorship Seminar.

1.  Give Citizenship Seminars.
 Offer workshops for various industries.
 Act as consultant to businesses started / managed by Citizens.
 Invent new technology to create virtual Octologues and HoloMats.

F. Become a Titanian Servant – a Mentor trained in Titanian leadership. Become eligible for participation in the Titanian Council of Servants and Titanian Council of Critics. With additional training you can be permitted to judge in Titanian Courts. This is a full-time professional activity. Qualified Mentors take the three-day Servant’s Seminar. Having done so, you can:

1. Participate in major Titanian decisions and innovations.
Invent new applications of Titanian know-how.
Act as liaison with existing institutions.
Coordinate inter-HoloMat relations as requested.
Acquire / create new products and services for Titania to sell.
6. Act as investment banker for Titanian-sponsored projects.

G. Join the Titanian Academic Education Project – A program for teachers and school administrators who want to be involved in an ethical student-centered educational system.

H. Join the Titanian LAW Project – A program for justice-minded legislators, judges, attorneys, paralegals, and law students for ethical law.

We look forward to your feedback!  C-r-o-n-u-s”at”titanians>dot< com or contact us by phone at 561-542-5800 we enjoy YOUR feedback!