Physicist-Psychotherapist-Ethicist, Bob Podolsky


Bob Podolsky shares his many insights and experiences as a Physicist, Psychotherapist and now Ethicist, as it matter to personal relationships knowing how to make ethical decisions.

He elaborates on his definition of love, explains why academia is run by cartels, defines the 6 forms of therapy he identified as effective and explains his organizational structure with 20 plus years of research, that allows ethical decision making to scale to large organizations.

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Apr 212013

Bob Podolsky on Psychological Therapy

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy is what most people think of in terms of psychological therapy it is what is primarily taught in schools and is the least effective because it does not work with the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is were all the major decisions are made, then the conscious mind rationalizes them.

The psychology profession is a cartel and as such despises alternative methods which may be more effective.  A cartel is a shared monopoly that is used to control an industry for the perceived intention of “protecting the public”, however the true function is to protecting the members of the cartel from competition and to expand governments power.

Gestalt Therapy

The first type of alternative therapy is known as Gestalt therapy which was invented by Fritz Pearls.  He found a way to have the client to learn more and more about themselves on a deep emotional way.  For the client it can be ordeal, however ancient memories can be recovered.  Bob for example recalls vividly being born and being circumcised.  His memory is stacks up to the actual events.  It was awful because an infant does not localize pain.  For an infant a scratch on the arm is felt throughout the entire body!

Bio-Energetic Therapy

Bio-Energetic Therapy is based on the premise that the body is a manifestation of energy and a flow of energy in the body.  This can be seen in how someone caries their body.  Bio-energetic therapy was developed by Alexander Lowen who was a student of Wilhem Reich who was a student of Sigmund Freud.

Characterology is the study of what we do to ourselves to keep us from knowing who we are.  Most if not all of us as children are subjected to stresses and trauma in most cases by our unwitting parents.  This is known as character structure.  In the time of Freud it was assumed this could not be changed however with various exercises they can be lifted like layers of an onion.

Strategic Therapy

Strategic Therapy is based on the therapeutic double bind and invented by Jay Haley.  For example suppose an overweight client comes in and  wants to lose weight.  I would recommend the client GAIN 3 pounds.  The client objects and say I want to loose weight not gain it.  You want to work with me? You need to gain 3 pounds. The client can either obey or disobey.  If the client obeys then I can then have them obey and loose weight or they can disobey me and loose weight.


Neuro Linguistic Programing or NLP, Bob was first introduced to NLP by Tony Robbins before he was famous.  NLP was invented by John Grinder and Richard Bandler.  Behavior is wired into us and works on the subconscious.  This was developed by studying the work of Virginia Satir, Fritz Pearls and Milton Erickson.  NLP is how the frontal cortex interprets reality through the senses of Visual Auditory and Kinestetic or VAK.  The frontal cortex builds a map of what it has interpreted reality to be, however the map is NOT the territory!

Ericksonian Hypnosis

Ericksonian Hypnosis developed by Milton Erickson, is an ideal way to interface directly with the subconscious mind.

characteristic of a good therapist

The number 1 characteristic of a good therapist is one who has extensive therapy on themselves.  In order for a therapist to take you to a place you have never been to it is important for them to have gone to all the dark places first.

Desired Outcome


The Desired Outcome

Since the dawn of recorded history, humanity has craved and dreamed for the advent of a just, verdant, and peaceful social order. A society that is truly thriving and most individuals would have rich, full, creative lives. A society where all men and women are truly EQUAL.  Some people might have more responsibility than others; no one or no group would be able to coerce another person or group using fraud or force!   A society where peace is the norm, crime was non-existent and all people have easy access to healthy food, clean water and non chem-trail laced skies. A society where humans lived in harmony with each other with the earth and all its creatures.   Such a society is hard to describe because such it would be everything that the society of the 21st century earth is NOT! Are we closer to that kind of society today than we were EIGHT THOUSAND years ago – when government, as we know it, was invented? I think not.

The Great Question

For about the past twenty years I have sought the answer to one Great Question: What has to happen for such a desirable world to be manifest? To find an answer to this question I have applied a wide variety of intellectual tools, including:

  • The Scientific Method
  • Logic
  • The operational point of view
  • Math
  • Formal systems analysis
  • Neurolinguistics
  • Archaeology
  • Organizational Development
  • Characterology
  • Political science
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • History

  • Sociology

The exciting upshot of this lengthy search is a potentially valid answer to the Great Question. It may not be the only answer – but it is very likely a good answer – certainly, an answer worthy of your serious consideration.

The Big Problem

In order to understand my answer to the Great Question, it is necessary to grasp the nature of the Big Problem – the obstacle that has kept our species from really thriving since we emerged from the forests and caves millennia ago. My analysis reveals that such evils as war, terrorism, hunger, poverty, genocide, race-hatred, widespread addiction, inter-personal violence, and the like, are actually all symptoms of the same phenomenon – namely: Inadequate Socio-cultural Evolution.

Unlike genetic evolution that has thus far been beyond human capability to control, or even influence, socio-cultural evolution is extra-genetic – and therefore susceptible to human choices and decisions. Unlike the tremendous advances of technological evolution (which is also extra-genetic), our socio-cultural evolution hasn’t advanced significantly since feudal times. While the names of our institutions have changed, the basic methods by which they operate, and the principles underlying those methods, haven’t changed at all in at least eight thousand years – and possibly much longer. In a nutshell, our species’ institutions continue to make very unethical decisions on the same basis that they always have in the past.

Of special interest in the field of socio-cultural evolution is our grasp of ethics. The general lack of understanding of the most basic principles of ethics is manifest in almost all our institutions – particularly big businesses, organized religions, and governments. The result is that law-makers routinely enact laws that coerce us into obeying laws that forbid us to act ethically – or what is worse, require us to engage in acts that are unethical. Governments (all of them) are thus reduced to mere power-brokerage cartels that benefit a very small number of individuals at the expense of billions of others. In the analysis that follows I explore the fundamental ethical principles that drive our societal development, the effect our ethics have on our laws, and how our laws serve the hidden purposes that underlie the way our governments and other institutions function. Following this analysis, I propose a Grand Experiment (for which I am asking your support) that could potentially alter the course of extra-genetic human evolution in a most desirable way – and I provide evidence supporting the decision to proceed.

The Big Problem – The B.O.R.G.