Titania, the Open Source Creative and Ethical Society


The Message of Universal EthicsTitanian octologue

TITANIA is an open source Ethical association promoting PeaceLoveCreativity and Personal Evolution in THRIVING human society.  The TITANIAN organization model is a new kind of international institution that is non-hierarchic and rigorously non-bureaucratic in both its structure and decision-making processes.   The Titanian organization is based on voluntary interaction between individuals, yet at the same time organized.   Throughout recorded history up to the early 21st century AD, Power Brokerage Cartels (BORG) have trapped humanity in hierarchic (Pyramid) control models, whose prime feature was coercive interactions between individuals.

To keep humanity asleep; being that you’re awake now, you know what we mean, The BORG used a well crafted systems of violence, mass hypnosis / indoctrination to sustain non-truths and double-speak, known as the Comforting Lies.  These Comforting lies perpetuate a an omni-present State, one that is at war with the individuals that comprise it.  Thus, in keeping humanity asleep / hypnotized, the BORG State gets away with the outright Killing of more than 200 million people in the 20th Century, the murder of 20,000 people per day through malnutrition / extreme poverty, and the outright fleecing of individual creativity in a militaristic system of regulation, legal plunder, taxation and extortion.

Titania is based on a Code of Honor that provides a set of unique principles for its mission and procedures. More than twenty years in the making, this is NOT something you have seen before.

It is the dream of TITANIA’s founders that humanity will evolve into a moral society in which most, if not all, of humanity’s problems will have been solved.  Imagine living in such a world!  Isn’t living in that world, what you always knew could exist, and wanted to exist, been YOUR dream as well? TITANIA is the choice for you! Isn’t it time we brought Sanity back to Humanity?

Let’s get started, by considering the desired outcome of the society we want to create.