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Morpheus Titania: Businessman, activist, Bitcoin Sales

Morpheus has chosen to live outside the “system” ever since the events of 9/11. At that time he was co-owner of Direct Mail Business known as “The Direct Hit” The company was started in his home. The Company did $300,000 in 2000 and $1.5 Million in sales from January 2001 to August 2001. After the Events of 9/11, first with the “terrorist” of planes being flown into buildings, then with the Anthrax in the mail, September sales were tanking from $250,000 in June and August 2001 to $5,000 in September 2001. With all contracts being canceled all the salesmen quit, cause they weren’t selling anything. With his formerly thriving business imploded, this left Morpheus had a great deal of time on his hands to study the events of 9/11. He came to the irrefutable proof that at bare minimum there was a massive co-ordinated coverup of the events of 9/11. Since that time he has been removing himself more and more from that “SYSTEM”.

Prior to owning The Direct Hit” Morpheus worked at the number 1 Dodge store in the world as a top producing salesman, as well as being a top producing gold certified Fleet manager.

Working outside of the system for over 10 years has lead him to the wonderful qualities of the digital currency known as Bitcoin. Bitcoin has many desirable qualities:

  • Bitcoins are transferred from person to person via the internet.
  • Any amount of Bitcoin can be easily transferred locally or internationally for pennies.
  • Bitcoin transactions happen instantly and the transaction clearing happens in 10 minutes.
  • properly protected Bitcoins are virtually impossible to be steal.
  • A Bitcoin “account” can’t be frozen.
  • Bitcoin has no prerequisites or limits.

Morpheus has been selling Bitcoin with a fervor of a man on a mission. The old decrepit systems of the Banks, Organized Religion and Government (The BORG) are failing humanity at every level. Through the use of Bitcoin, is how the old power structure will be made obsolete. He applies his 20 years of sales and marketing experience to Bitcoin marketing and sales.  Because of his rock solid reputation, He is one of the biggest sellers in the Phoenix area.

Morpheus is now semi retired as a bitcoin trader / entrepreneur. He got started selling in March 2013 when Bitcoin was selling for $31. He has successfully done traded over 1000 bitcoins in the past year. He uses his role as an activist now, to promote the use of Bitcoins by businesses. Business that accept Bitcoin have a unique advantage over other business that do not accept Bitcoin, because there are many people out in the world that have bitcoins and want to spend them at participating merchants.  Not accepting Bitcoin in the future

Because of the unique nature of Bitcoin, it is very possible to acquire sizable wealth by taking advantage of Bitcoins incredible DEFLATIONARY Nature. This means things in the future will cost less than in the past.  This is exactly the opposite of the de Facto system most of us live under.  Many of us know there is a financial shit storm brewing on the horizon. Every single inflationary monitory system the world has ever seen has eventually destroyed itself.  Are we so pompous to believe that human nature is going to be any different now then any other time in history. Do you trust the “government” to save you?

Many of us know, the current status quo system provides a unique relationship between the Banks and the Government that allows these 2 institutions to do anything they want, even when it is to the detriment of humanity.  Bitcoin and crypto-currency is the way We The People, take back control of our lives.  With Bitcoin, Banks are no longer needed. Now, anyone can be a bank and the fees are a whole lot less.  Banks will simply fade away, like the old vinyl record and carburetor companies did, when the CD and fuel injection was introduced. Government bureaucracy will also diminish as they won’t have unlimited resources to implement their fraudlent schemes.

For Businesses, it’s like the Gold Rush or the Internet boom all over again.  Business that accept Bitcoin have significant advantages over business that have yet to take bitcoin.  Many of us know that Credit Cards are insecure, in the past even large institutions like Target and Home Depot have had Credit Card security breaches; with Bitcoin an invalid or counterfiet transaction is statistically IMPOSSIBLE!  Retailers pay between 2-5% for the use of credit cards. Using Bitcoin there is never a fee, unless the merchant wants to convert the Bitcoins to de facto currency like dollars or euros’s. There are Bitcoin exchanges like Coinbase who will convert the Bitcoins into Currency for 1%, although the first million dollars is a zero fee.

Even more importantly than saving money for a business is access to new customers.  Like a said earlier all business have 2 requirements, you have to find new customers and service the ones you have.  The Bitcoin community does all this for you.  Most people involved in Bitcoin want to see it succeed, well in order to have it succeed it has to be promoted.  Whats the best way to promote a new currency, is to use it.  So a business that accepts Bitcoin, is going to automatically earn my business, every time.  Lets take where my office is, in the complex is Ashleigh’s Cafe, she takes Bitcoin because i introduced it to her.  Ashleigh’s Cafe is listed with other Merchants on Airbitz.co It made sense and now every morning I go to her Cafe to get coffee and something to eat and I pay her with Bitcoins.  She wins my business BECAUSE she accepts Bitcoin.  There are business all around town that take Bitcoins, when I need something they offer, I buy it from them.  Whats the expense? Zero.  I had her download an Free app and she is now accepts Bitcoin.

Business that do not convert their Bitcoins into cash get to take advantage of the deflationary nature of Bitcoin.  Even with the huge fluctuations the general trend has been in the for the rise of the price of Bitcoins vs the fiat monetary systems.  For example, the first known Bitcoin trade occurred on May 22, 2010.  On that date, a guy from Fort Lauderdale sent 10,000 Bitcoins to a guy in England, who then bought $30 worth of Pizza, for the guy in Ft. Lauderdale. That established the price at btc 10,000 / $30 = $.003 per Bitcoin. As of this writing the price of Bitcoin is $263.28. so the guy with the 10,000 bitcoins has profit of 2.63 Million dollars!

Aug 292013

Life Changing book FLOURISH

Bob Podolsky’s new book, FLOURISH! is being read and is highly regarded florish cover Bob Podolskyby some of the Liberty Movement’s deepest thinkers and strongest leaders – folks like Clyde Cleveland the author of Common Sense Revisited, and Foster Gamble, creator of the movie, Thrive.

The book FLOURISH presents the most thoughtful analysis to date of the BIG PROBLEM that humanity faces today, and it also proposes a unique solution to the problem – one that goes beyond the notion of tinkering with the laws or reestablishing the Constitution. Podolsky has shown unequivocally that, while these efforts may be necessary to bring about peace and prosperity, they will never be sufficient for this purpose – because:

  • The central bankers who own the government don’t care about the law – except when it serves them.
  • They routinely kill anyone who gets in their way – and have slaughtered hundreds of millions of people in the course of the past century.

Based on twenty years of scientific research spanning 2,500 years of historical evidence, this book provides powerful answers to the questions that have plagued liberty activists since the movement began. You have the opportunity to meet the Bob Podolsky at the Common Sense Revisited booth at Libertopia 2013.  And on:

Friday 4 pm @ Salon 4 to hear Bob Saturday 9 am @ Salon 6 with Clyde Cleveland
Sunday 2 pm @ Salon 4 with Foster Gamble Sunday 4 pm @ Salon 5 w/Foster, Clyde, Bob

florish rear cover clyde Cleaveland Foster Gamble Bob Podolsky

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Preface to “Flourish” – by Clyde Cleveland

Buckminster Fuller: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  

If you just picked up this book and are reading this preface to decide whether to continue, then I pray with all my heart, mind, and soul that the words I have set forth here inspire you as you have never been inspired before. I implore you not only to read this amazing and utterly revolutionary book, but also to immediately get involved in the Titania Project with all of the energy, enthusiasm, and resources you can bring to the effort.

This book is powerful beyond description. I will do my best, however, to explain just what it means to me and how profoundly it can change our entire world. This book truly presents the new model we have been looking for, to replace the bureaucratic institutions that enslave us.

Do you want:

  • World peace?
  • Complete prosperity for anyone who aspires to it?
  • A health care SYSTEM designed to help you be healthy rather than to make the pharmaceutical industry wealthier?
  • Less crime?
  • Less drug abuse?
  • Better education?
  • A cleaner environment?
  • Less discrimination?
  • Safe healthy food that is not genetically altered?

Then read this book and learn how you can help create a transition to a system that will provide all of us with these glorious benefits and much, much more!

Bucky Fuller was correct that when you spend your energy and time fighting against firmly established institutions, you are going to end up demoralized, exhausted and discouraged. I know. I have spent a lifetime railing against the “system.” I have approached it from every possible angle including as a Republican, Democrat, Socialist, and Libertarian. I have been a Director or Founder of several organizations designed to reform the tax system, educate people about the GMO scam, create world peace, help create the first ever Constitutional sheriff convention, etc. I have run for office twice and written two books in order to educate people about the absolute and total corruption of our government and other major institutions.

It took me too long to understand that working through either political party is a total waste of time. They are both controlled by the same interest groups.  It took me still longer to realize that all of the divisions among us are created, promoted, exaggerated, and exacerbated by those who rule us. To divide and conquer is a very effective technique and it has been used for thousands of years to control people.

I finally realized that all of our political parties, organized religions, labor unions, banking/financial cartels, and many of our major corporations work together to protect each other and the power elite behind the scenes. The current system benefits them and they will work to keep the system just the way it is.

I have never read any book or heard anyone describe our present system and its faults as clearly as Robert Podolsky does in this book.  He has spent a lifetime doing research to bring out this knowledge. Describing the present corrupt, top-down, force based system we have lived under on this planet for nearly 8,000 years is only a small part of what he does in this book. The real meat of this book is the solution presented to create an alternative system. 

The author is absolutely correct about the importance of ethics. Without a system of ethics which becomes the agreed upon prime directive of the vast majority of our society, we are doomed.  Anyone who has studied the founding of the American Republic knows that, for the most part, a very high level of ethical conduct pervaded commerce and business in the 1700’s. The founders knew that without high moral and ethical standards, a freedom based, bottom up model of governance would not last long.

An ethical code is only part of the solution presented.  The author also presents a model for bottom up governance that is applicable to any organization including: governments, unions, corporations, religions, non-profit organizations, or any other organization of human beings imaginable.

From the early Israelis and Anglo Saxons, who used the principle of ten family units, to the successful Iroquois tribal system; from the amazingly prosperous and entrepreneurial Gore enterprises to the success story of Visa under CEO and visionary Dee Hock; from the Deming inspired corporate model in Japan to the employee owned modern companies becoming more popular every day, the examples of bottom up, freedom based, non-coercive models of human organization abound.

The end result of all bottom-up organizational models is more freedom, more creativity, more happiness, more productivity, more harmony, and more success on all levels of human activity and behavior. It is a new age – and that new age will not come about from a policy or bill passed in the U.S. Congress. You will not change the U.S. Congress, because that entity is part of a system that is very effectively doing its job.  Its job is not, however, to represent you or make your life better. Its job is to make those who control the system behind the scenes more powerful and wealthier than they are now. It is critical to understand that, in their minds, they will never have enough power or wealth.

No government or entity that is part of the existing system will save us. Do not think that the United Nations will save us – or that it is even benign.  Think again. The United Nations and all its spawn were created by the power elite that control the governments of this world and the biggest and wealthiest banking and financial institutions in the world.  For explanations of this fact, read “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by Perkins and “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by Griffin.

We must create a new system based on a new model, as Fuller says, if we want change.  That model, as explained in this book, exists now and can be used by us to improve our lives in virtually every way starting today!  As the new system grows and takes on more of the tasks that we have mistakenly delegated to top down, bureaucratic governments, corporations, religions, and unions, we will see those ancient, useless, coercive, damaging institutions simply disappear. They will vanish as useless relics of a much less evolved society.

It is absolutely up to you to create this new system and make it a reality. A new age will not happen by itself – it will be created by people like you and me. I promise you that the process will be fun, profitable and fulfilling on all levels.  It is up to each of us to make this new model a reality. Our children and grandchildren’s lives depend on it!!

Albert Einstein: “Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.”

Clyde J. Cleveland: 

Entrepreneur, ecologist, public speaker, and political historian.

Author of “Restoring the Heart of America” and “Common Sense Revisited.”

Married for 43 years, with four children and seven grandchildren.

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Aug 232013



San Diego, California, August 30th to September the 2nd –4th annual Libertopia Fest 2013 at the Town and Country Resort Hotel, located 500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108. Libertopia is a voluntary community, based on principles of Freedom, Peace, Honor, Responsibility, Respect and Spontaneous Order. Libertopia is a unique event that features an environment of actually living the freedom philosophy in ones daily life.

In conjunction with the spirit of Libertopia, of living the life you have always wanted, are 4 major freedom activists, who will be communicating the benefits of the Titania Project:

Foster Gamble, creator of the inspiring movie, Thrive and leader of the Thrive Movement – one of the most innovative strategies aimed at worldwide peace and prosperity,

Clyde Cleveland, author of Common Sense Revisited and Restoring the Heart of America, co-founder of the County Sheriff Project, and lifelong libertarian educator and activist – with a unique perspective on the role of politics in human history,

Michael Badnarik, author of Good to Be King and Secret to Sovereignty, Libertarian candidate for President in 2004, a renowned expert on constitutional law and individual sovereignty.  Michael knows intimately the obstacles to substantive change faced by today’s freedom activists.

Bob Podolsky, physicist / systems analyst, master psychotherapist, visionary and author of seven books on ethics law and government. Bob brings a SOLUTION based strategy for self-governance AND self awareness…Without Government! With 20 years of scientific research spanning 2,500 years of historical evidence.

Of the many excellent participants slated to appear at this year’s event, the four above are embracing a new approach to solving the problems created by our coercive institutions (BORG). They will also present evidence that this integrated approach is optimal for maximizing the probability of the movement’s success.

Humanity’s BIG PROBLEM is simply our societal institutions consistently making unethical decisions. All the other problems our species faces are simply symptoms of this one pivotal challenge. To cure the symptoms of war, hunger, poverty, financial slavery, police brutality, government corruption, the war on drugs, GMO foods, chemtrail deployments, gun confiscation, asset forfeiture, media collusion – or any other manifestation of treasonous violence inflicted on the public under color of law, we need only create ethical institutions.

Come to Libertopia to learn what some of the brightest minds in the freedom movement are doing to bring this about.

Start taking effective action to establish an ethical, creative, loving, grassroots-based culture that leads directly to a world of peace and prosperity. The answers you’ve been looking for are available NOW. Stop wasting time hacking at the branches of the tree of tyranny and start attacking tyranny at the root, where it really counts. See you at Libertopia! Roll the Bones!



Apr 212013

Bob Podolsky

Physicist, Psychotherapist, and Author Bob Podolsky  takes his experience from his psychotherapy practice and combines it with his experience from his physics and systems analysis career to understand what would have to change in order for humanity to thrive.

It turns out their is a root cause of most of the problems in the human condition! We have been taught to believe there are a great deal of the problems in the world like war, slavery, taxation, crime, pollution.   It turns out these are simply symptoms of the problem.  The real problem is Hierarchies.  There is an alternative that was developed by Bob and John David Garcia. The system combines ethics and unanimous agreement between the participants to increase creativity.  Unless humanity makes substantive changes to the way we organize as humans we are doomed to extinction!

Apr 022013

Bob Podolsky on Declare your Independence

Robert Podolsky, is the son of famous physicist Boris Podolsky.

Podolsky who was a key in formulating the Einstein – Podolsky – Rosen (EPR) paper on quantum entanglement. Bob is promoting the Titania Project; self-organizing networks of humans which would displace hierarchical government, i.e. anarchy but not chaos.

2013-02-06 Hour 3 Robert Podolsky from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Mar 042013

Physicist, psychotherapist, Author and Founder of Titania is Bob Podolsky. Titania is an ethical, non-hierarchical and highly creative organization.  In order to be non-bureaucratic, all Titania members agree to making ethical decisions and all group decisions must be unanimous, just like a jury.  Bob Podolsky’s work is based on the collaboration he did with the late John David Garcia and his study on Ethics and Creativity. This was discovery was made through the scientific method and thousands of experiments to find out what allows groups of people to be most creative.

It turns out you can increase a persons Creativity by first increasing their Ethics then increasing Intelligence.  This is shown in the formula I=E*C. By teaching them the value of being ethical, we can help people to be more creative faster. Then having them form into groups of 8 people: 4 men and 4 women, known as an Octologue.

Titanian Organization


How Titania Is Organized

Titania is, of course, organized as a HoloMat. The diagram below shows what it will look like as people with the requisite skills and interests join. As you can see, as Titania grows it will afford many opportunities. Each little octagon below represents an Octologue. The Octologues attach to one another via contracts to form HoloMats. Small HoloMats cooperate with one another to form large HoloMats. Some Octologues are associated with multiple HoloMats – and thus HoloMats can overlap.


The Titania HoloMat

Titania’s Future with 576 Participants

Using this system all the HoloMats are interlocked and can give each other corrective feedback.  The center HoloMat is interlocked with the Research, Law, Council of Servants, Security, Information Technology / Records, Member Services, Council of Servants and Education HoloMats.   These HoloMats are then interlocked with Money Business, Mission – Vision, Communications, and Web Interface HoloMats.  They are interlocked for example, because there are members in the education HoloMat are also members in the  Research, Law, Council of Servants and Money / Business HoloMats.

The Interlocking HoloMats, allows for each individual Octologue and HoloMats to give each other the corrective feedback they need to have the whole society functioning in a Thriving manner.

As Titania continues to grow, each one of these HoloMats will spin off more and more HoloMats.  By working in these non-hierarchical groups of 8 where a unanimous decision must be made for that group to take action.  This kind of group decision process , which was discovered by John David Garcia and Bob Podolsky, is now being taught in Arizona at the Creativity Enhancement MasterMind Group.  Come and be part of a Thriving Ethical Creative Society…Titania!

Constitution of Titania




We, the undersigned, comprising the founding Members of the international state of Titania, do hereby adopt the following Constitution as the highest policy for governing all our future actions and procedures, both in our dealings with those outside our organization and in our relationships with all Persons, Members, Citizens, Mentors, Servants, and Critics within our ranks. Henceforth, all written and unwritten rules of conduct for persons associated with this organization shall conform to the definitions and principles stated herein.

We furthermore share the belief that our planet is an actual being with awareness; and we refer to her as Gaia, after the earth goddess of Greek mythology.  We do not hold pagan beliefs about our planet or consider her to be an actual goddess; but we consider the myth of Gaia to be a valuable metaphor.  We are in many ways the children of our planet; and Gaia’s mythological children were the Titans; so we call the domain of humans collectively Titania.

We the undersigned further commit our lives to the maximization of creativity and its logical equivalents, our ultimate outcome being the realization of a world society characterized by universal happiness, prosperity, and well being, such as that described in Gaia’s Dream by Robert E. Podolsky. To encompass the constellation that includes Gaia’s Dream, the people who choose to bring it to fruition, the actions those people take to that end, and the commitment those people bring to their efforts we use the term “GaiaWyrd”. Wyrd, also spelled ‘würd’, is an Old English word meaning “destiny of choice”.  If one adopts a wyrd it means one dedicates one’s life to that destiny or outcome, putting it ahead of all other personal priorities.


We hereby create the international state of Titania, whose sole purpose is to promote and maximize creativity and its logical equivalents as described below.  Within the limits set forth herein all persons on the planet that wish to do so may participate in the affairs of Titania and enjoy the benefits and responsibilities accruing thereto.


2.1 We believe it to be self evident that people are neither “good” nor “evil” except as their acts are “good” or “evil”;

2.2 And that a person’s actions are “good” (or equivalently “just” or “ethical”) if they increase the creativity of at least one person, including the person acting, without limiting or diminishing the creativity of any person, including the person acting.

2.3 Since creativity is the product of ethical awareness and intelligence (as symbolized by the equation: C = EI) there are two ways an act may increase creativity.

2.3.1 An act may increase creativity by increasing someone’s ethical awareness, degree of personal evolution, love, and/or growth, these creativity enhancers being logical equivalents of one another, in that any act which increases one of them must necessarily increase the others, and vice-versa;

2.3.2 An act may increase creativity by increasing the intelligence of any person who uses their intelligence creatively rather than destructively; where access to objective truth, access to energy, and freedom are enhancers of intelligence, since they increase one’s ability to predict and control the environment or to initiate and maintain causal relationships between events in the observable world.

2.4 The lists of equivalent creativity enhancers given above are incomplete. There may in fact be an unlimited number of such equivalencies that apply. Hereinafter we shall use the words, “ethical awareness” to include all of its logical equivalents, and the word “intelligence” to similarly encompass all of its logical equivalents. The word “creativity” will be used to encompass both the preceding sets of resources, the distinctions between the two sets being duly noted.

2.5 From the preceding it follows logically that it is ethical to limit or reduce a person’s intelligence in order to stop or prevent that person from acting destructively (unethically). This is generally accomplished ethically by limiting or reducing that individual’s access to intelligence enhancers; since limiting a person’s destructiveness increases their creativity.

2.6 Where by “person” is meant any being having awareness of its own awareness… thus excluding those lower forms of life whose actions are merely “natural”;

2.7 And acts which limit or reduce another person’s creativity (or any of the equivalent resources listed in Section 2.2 above) are… with the exception explained in Section 2.5 above …generally “bad”, or equivalently “evil”, “unethical”, or “entropic”;

2.8 And further, that good and evil acts by aware beings fall on an ethical continuum… where the best (most ethical) acts are those which contribute the most to the evolution of an individual or a group… and the worst (most unethical) are those which most increase the entropy (chaos or disorder) thereof;

2.9 And still further, that acts which are not “ethical” according to Section 2.2 above and which are not “unethical” according to Section 2.7 above may be said to be “ethically neutral”, “innocent”, “trivial”, or merely “natural”.


3.01 From the foregoing self-evident truths we infer that to act ethically each person must do his/her utmost to maximize creativity and its equivalents;

3.02 That ethical actions always increase someone’s creativity;

3.03 And that ethical actions never destroy, limit, or diminish anyone’s creativity.

3.04 And from the foregoing we infer that unethical means can never achieve ethical ends… this principle rejecting the notion that we can ethically sacrifice the creativity of the individual for the “greater good” of society, the “many”, and so forth; from which it follows that:

3.05 Unethical means always produce unethical results (ends); trivial means always produce trivial results at best; and similarly

3.06 Means which are not ethical ends in themselves are never ethical;

3.07 From the foregoing it is also apparent that inaction is unethical. Creativity cannot be passively expanded or increased… this must be done actively to overcome entropic destruction inherent in the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This principle is basically equivalent to the adage that, “For evil to triumph it is only necessary for good men to do nothing.”;

3.08 It also follows that it is unethical to tolerate unethical behavior. To do so is to violate Section 3.07 above. For this reason we are ethically bound to defend ourselves and others actively against injury or deceit when we or they are imminently imperiled by another’s unethical behavior; from which:

3.08.1 It follows that it is unethical to augment the creativity of anyone whom one reasonably believes will use such augmented resources unethically… and it is therefore ethical to withhold the augmentation of creative resources from anyone whose ethical commitment one reasonably distrusts; and furthermore:

3.09 It is ethical to learn and unethical to be certain. When we close our minds on a subject we cease to learn… to increase our own awareness and creativity. Learning always increases creativity; and

3.10 It is ethical to doubt. Ceasing to have doubts about a subject we become certain about it and have ceased to learn. Doubts create new questions …some of which yield new answers. Doubt is one of the cornerstones of creativity.


4.1 Be it understood that the proper role of an organization’s laws, rules and regulations is to empower those people acting singly or in concert who would embrace the foregoing DEFINITIONS and PRINCIPLES set forth in Articles 2 and 3 above and who are willing to make the moral commitment to live their lives as ethically as they can… as suggested by Section 3.01.;

4.2 And it is also the proper role of laws, rules and regulations to prohibit by the most ethical means possible any actions which are unethical as defined above;

4.3 Nor is it ever the proper role of rules and regulations to intrude, coerce, or interfere, in the lives of any people except as is truly necessary in order to accomplish the aims of Sections 4.1 and 4.2 above …such intrusion even then to be that which is minimally required;

4.4 Moreover, whenever the laws, rules and regulations of an organization are in conflict with said DEFINITIONS and PRINCIPLES the ethics shall prevail …the rules being deemed to exist solely as the servant of the ETHICS, the latter being always superior to the rules.

4.5 RESPONSIBILITY for actions: Under the aegis of ethical rules and regulations:

4.5.1 All people are responsible for their own actions and the consequences that result from those actions. In determining who shall bear the burden of financial or other costs when someone’s actions result in harm to another person, ultimate (though not sole or total) responsibility rests with the individual who had the last available opportunity to prevent such undesirable effects from occurring.

4.5.2 Also, responsibility under ethical rules is not mitigated by the failure of an individual to understand, comprehend, rationalize, or anticipate the consequences of his or her acts… except as such failure may alter the availability of opportunities to prevent harm from occurring.

4.5.3 In any case, persons who enact harm on others in a self-induced state of mental incompetence (e.g. intoxicated) may still be required to bear the costs of the consequences of their actions when the act of inducing such incompetence was the chronologically last opportunity anyone had to prevent the unethical act from being performed.

4.5.4 Harm enacted by one person on another is solely justifiable when necessary in self or another’s defense against the person harmed.

4.5.5 All laws, rules, and regulations enacted by Titanian leadership shall comply with the requirements of this document or be subject to summary annulment.


5.1 Next to an individual’s family, the Octologue is the most important group to which a Titanian can belong.  An Octologue may have as few as seven participants or as many as nine.  Most will have eight, because it has been determined experimentally that eight is optimized for maximum creativity.  When possible, an Octologue should be comprised of four males and four females.  This too enhances creativity.  The first person in any Octologue shall be referred to as the Octologue’s founding member.

5.2  Decision-making within an Octologue shall be by unanimous consensus.  The members of an Octologue may use any consensus-forming process they like; but only consensual decisions may be legitimately said to pertain to the Octologue as a whole.

5.3  A new member may be admitted to an Octologue only by unanimous agreement of the existing members.

5.4  Expulsion of an individual from an Octologue shall only be allowed if agreed to by all other members of the Octologue.

5.5  Any person may resign from an Octologue at any time unless voluntarily bound by contract not to.

5.6  The members of each Octologue shall decide upon their own agenda; so the group may function as a business, a service agency, an educational institution, a therapy group, an action committee, a social club, or any other institution formed for ethical purposes.

5.7  An Octologue can be bound by contract if all members of the Octologue agree thereto.

5.8  Any number of Octologues can enter into contract with one another in order to undertake projects beyond the means of a single Octologue.

5.9   An individual may participate in multiple Octologues.

5.10  Two Octologues are said to be linked if at least one member of one is also a member of another.

5.11  Two Octologues are said to be genealogically linked if a member of one of them was the first or founding member of the other.

5.12  Two Octologues are said to be interlocked if the member linking the two has been authorized by one Octologue to speak to the other on its behalf; such representation of course subject to ratification by the Octologue from which the linking member originates.

5.13  Two interlocked Octologues are said to be genealogically interlocked if the interlocking member of one of them was the founding member of the other.  Note that it is possible for two Octologues to be genealogically linked and also interlocked without being genealogically interlocked.

5.14  Two or more Octologues sharing a contractual relationship with one another shall be said to be obligated to one another.

5.15  If two are more Octologues are obligated to make decisions only by mutual agreement, that is by unanimous consensus of all members of both Octologues, then they are said to be telepathic in relation to one another.

5.16 Titania is authorized to establish an Octologue Registry where Octologues wishing to do so can register information about themselves for public access.  Such access is not required and may not be compelled; however Titania may choose to distinguish between registered and unregistered Octologues for some purposes, as long as the choice to do so is more ethical than the choice not to do so would be.


6.1 All natural persons that wish to do so may participate in the affairs of Titania.  There are six modalities of participation

6.2 Personhood
In Titania all persons are considered valuable members of society unless proven otherwise.  A person is any being that has awareness of its own awareness.  As such, a Person in Titanian society is due the same respect due any other person. Titania does not grant rights to Persons.  A Person has the right to act freely in any way they wish, providing their actions do no harm to another Person as defined herein.

6.3 Members
A Member of Titania is any Person who actively contributes to Titania’s financial support by subscribing to services provided by Titania on a “for-fee” basis.

6.4 Citizens
6.41 Any Member of Titania who wishes may become a Citizen of this pan-world state by learning how to participate in one or more Octologues, the eight-member building blocks of Titanian society.  In such groups participants learn to distinguish ethical acts, to make consensual group decisions, organize non-bureaucratic enterprises, provide humane education, and to foster in all a sense of belonging, safety, and heightened creativity.
6.42 Interlocking Citizens’ Octologues comprise the Titanian counterpart of state and local governments.
6.43 The Council of Servants (see below) shall define the minimal Citizenship education required of Citizens and is authorized to make provision for such education and to issue Certificates of Citizenship to those who are graduates of that education.  Citizenship is not a birthright.
6.44  All Citizenship is subject to revocation by the Council of Servants.

6.5 Mentors
6.51  Those Citizens who teach others to be effective Citizens are called Mentors.  A Mentor is a teacher and organizer who also participates actively in the formation of mass consensus at the highest levels.
6.52  It is the Mentor’s responsibility to distill from the input of millions the wisest possible vision of possible futures and to communicate to those millions the choices and opportunities faced by each Person as seen through the lens of that vision.
6.53  The Council of Servants (see below) is authorized to define the requirements that one must meet to become and remain a Mentor and to issue Certificates of Mentorship.

6.54  At a minimum a Mentor must be a Citizen in good standing, must have a good working knowledge of Titania’s Constitution, and must have demonstrated leadership ability by serving for at least a year as the founding member of at least one Octologue.

6.6 Servants
Using the same consensual processes that apply to other decisions, the Mentorship of Titania shall select a Council consisting of eight Servants.  These in turn choose one of their number to lead them.  This one is called the High Servant.  The Council of Servants, and its leader, the High Servant, share ultimate responsibility for the future of Titania.

6.7 Critics
Using the same consensual processes that apply to other decisions, the Mentorship of Titania shall select a Council consisting of eight Critics.  These in turn choose one of their number to lead them.  This one is called the High Critic.  The Council of Critics has the authority to annul or repeal any Titanian law.


7.1 Dual citizenship is permitted.  Acquisition of Citizenship in Titania shall not be construed as abdication, revocation, renunciation, annulment, or cancellation of a person’s citizenship in one or more other nations in effect prior to attainment of Citizenship in Titania.


Those signing this document shall include the founding Council of Servants and as many as sixty-four members of eight Octologues that interlock with the Council of Servants.

Interim Council of Servants:

Robert E. Podolsky


Now it’s time to look at the massive evidence that Titania can succeed.

Titania, the Open Source Creative and Ethical Society


The Message of Universal EthicsTitanian octologue

TITANIA is an open source Ethical association promoting PeaceLoveCreativity and Personal Evolution in THRIVING human society.  The TITANIAN organization model is a new kind of international institution that is non-hierarchic and rigorously non-bureaucratic in both its structure and decision-making processes.   The Titanian organization is based on voluntary interaction between individuals, yet at the same time organized.   Throughout recorded history up to the early 21st century AD, Power Brokerage Cartels (BORG) have trapped humanity in hierarchic (Pyramid) control models, whose prime feature was coercive interactions between individuals.

To keep humanity asleep; being that you’re awake now, you know what we mean, The BORG used a well crafted systems of violence, mass hypnosis / indoctrination to sustain non-truths and double-speak, known as the Comforting Lies.  These Comforting lies perpetuate a an omni-present State, one that is at war with the individuals that comprise it.  Thus, in keeping humanity asleep / hypnotized, the BORG State gets away with the outright Killing of more than 200 million people in the 20th Century, the murder of 20,000 people per day through malnutrition / extreme poverty, and the outright fleecing of individual creativity in a militaristic system of regulation, legal plunder, taxation and extortion.

Titania is based on a Code of Honor that provides a set of unique principles for its mission and procedures. More than twenty years in the making, this is NOT something you have seen before.

It is the dream of TITANIA’s founders that humanity will evolve into a moral society in which most, if not all, of humanity’s problems will have been solved.  Imagine living in such a world!  Isn’t living in that world, what you always knew could exist, and wanted to exist, been YOUR dream as well? TITANIA is the choice for you! Isn’t it time we brought Sanity back to Humanity?

Let’s get started, by considering the desired outcome of the society we want to create.