B.O.R.G. is an acronym.

The BORG stand for the three institutions that are usually expected to solve humanity’s societal problems:


and Big Business big enough to influence legislation,





Banks, Organized Religion, Government is the BORG.

The BORG is a PARASITE and like all parasites it is destined to eventually destroy the host. Who is the host… We are!  There has never been a societal problem that the BORG actually solved.  Yet most of us keep expecting these institutions to improve our lives. This is unrealistic, as these institutions consistently make unethical decisions.  Many of these unethical decisions are done to perpetuate the existence of the organization in the first place.

For example: the government, which has a monopoly on force, granted a monopoly on the creation of money to a private corporation known as the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve is neither federal nor a reserve.  The Federal Reserve has the ability to create money out of nothing grants the those who create the “money” almost UNLIMITED POWER to psychopaths who are addicted to power!  People addicted to power, will do anything to preserve their power.  The list includes War, Taxation and the Patriot act to name a just a few.  As you continue to read the content of this website, this will become more clear to you.

The BORG is the root cause of the most serious problems that humanity faces. It perpetuates these problems by perpetuating the mechanism that keeps humanity in the dark. This mechanism is called: the MATRIX or the Comforting Lies.

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  1. […] largest hierarchy is known as the B.O.R.G.   The BORG are Banks, Organized Religion, and Government.  The reason Government can not be fixed is because they actually function […]

  2. […] nature are predatory, parasitic, or destructive. Such people are drawn, like moths to a flame, to places of power like Banks, Organized Religions and Government (the BORG). This is why one cannot build a valid ethic around the maximization of freedom – though we can […]

  3. […] Some have said “There is never enough of BitCoins. True, BitCoins can be divided in ever smaller denominations, so ‘physically’ there will never be a shortage, but it means BitCoin is designed to appreciate for ever and this is the definition of deflation.”  That would be correct and having a deflationary money is GREAT.  The only ones who like Inflationary money are the BORG, Banks Organized Religion and Government […]

  4. Saved as a favorite, I like your site!

  5. When will the bells toll for the people justice?

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