Comforting Lies



The “Comforting Lies” or “Pernicious Fallacies” created by the BORG and handed down from generation to generation from parents to children, from teachers to students, from politicians to their constituents, and from employers to employees.  Most of the people who repeat these lies don’t even know that they are lies – though some in the BORG certainly do.

The Comforting Lies are:

1. Whenever someone wins (benefits) someone else must lose.

2. Good (ethical) ends can be attained by bad (unethical) means.

3. Robin Hood acted ethically in stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

4. Majority rule makes the best group decisions.

5. Government leaders are honest, wise, and caring.

6. Government generally acts in the best interests of the public.

7. Hierarchy is an ethically acceptable organizational structure.

8. The Law is the highest behavioral standard.

9. The Golden Rule is the highest behavioral standard.

10. Religion is the ultimate source of ethical guidance.

11. Faith is better than Truth.

12. The Federal Reserve System is a government operation that exists to protect the public by stabilizing the economy.

All twelve of the foregoing statements are false. This is a fact, not merely an opinion. Those who believe in the truth of even one of the above statements, are an unwitting slave of the BORG.  The BORG is a parasite. It is run by a powerful psychopaths who will stop at nothing to steal your money, steal your freedom, steal your autonomy, and steal your self-respect, in their efforts to control you.  As your enemy it is implacable, ruthless, and unforgiving.  In the furtherance of its ends, all other priorities are rescinded.  It will stop at nothing in its mission to rule the world.  If you doubt these claims, comment here.  They will be answered.  To understand the situation more clearly, we need to understand the subject of ethics.

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